Should I really be blogging this?

This is the second blogging site I have joined after numerous attempts over months to join and post on another site -which will remain unnamed-for some reason it would not allow me to write a post. After some consideration I thought perhaps it was all for the best. Maybe it was some kind of sign. Yet for some reason I had an overwhelming feeling that I MUST blog. Perhaps it was my rebellious side coming out. I was being told I couldn’t do something so I threw a tantrum and did it anyway!

I feel as though I am a peaceful, caring, kind, individual. Which in most respects I am -except to the people who disagree with me, which are usually the ones I stand up for myself against-  However I do know that internally I can occasionally be in turmoil, feeling like I am not kind enough, not nice enough, and certainly not at all at peace with myself.

No one seems to notice this.

I’m a fair writer and I know that I express myself much better with written words. Which makes me wonder if perhaps I will be too honest, not that I think someone can be too honest. But I don’t know you, and I’ll  be telling you things that maybe I shouldn’t. And I also considered the fact that there are hundreds, thousands most likely millions of blogs out there. Why on earth would mine be any different, better, funnier than anyone elses? Well it won’t be. Just like in the real world some people will appreciate me, some people will want to chew me up and spit me out.

Occasionally being chewed up and spat out is not such a bad thing.

(Depending of course on the quality of the teeth doing the chewing and the clarity of the saliva being spat.)

I’m not here to carry on with how great of a mother, partner or person I am. (Trust me I have read my fair share of ‘look at me, look at me’ blogs.)

I’m not here to carry on about anything really.

So perhaps as the title of this post says…..

Should I really be blogging this?

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