About Me

Ok now that I have decided to continue to blog I thought the next logical topic would be ‘about me’ I could state the typical such as-

I am a stay at home mum of 4 daughters, expecting most likely another daughter in June. Also to be married to the most amazing man in June.

But that is so boring, and you don’t know anymore ‘about me’. However the fact that I have 4 daughters usually raises eyebrows and more so the fact that we have another baby on the way. Most people introduce me as ‘Cristie, she has 4 kids.’ Yes well,…..it may shock some people but I do have other talents than procreation. Some people think I have some kind of disability, horrible sense of judgement -you know what? That could be true.- Some possibly think I have allergic reactions to all forms of birth control. Some think perhaps I am religious. Well I am not. I am strictly an evolutionist. But the truth of it is, I simply like children and I guess being my own children I like them even more.

And if you look at the bigger picture. 4 beautiful girls to date, I have done my fair share of the continuation of our species as a whole.

Now to lightly touch on the subject of my fiance` (After all my children and fiance` are a large part of my life but are not ‘me’) He is amazing and how do I know this? Well I have had my fair share of experience with men. I am fairly knowledgable about the general population of men and the way they work. So factually he is amazing, not just in my mind or just my opinion. Everyone thinks so.

So I am lucky in love.

Now me…..hmmm

I can’t accurately describe myself in a way that would make you see ‘who’ I am so I’ll give you a bunch of confusing things to consider.

I have been called a hippy-I know that I am easy-going and ‘earthy’ but I don’t feel hippy.

I have been called eccentric was it because I wore a rainbow maxi dress with sequined flats once?

I’m smart, yet I can be so naive.

I’m strong and independent, but you know what sometimes I’d like to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep. I’m not tough but I sure as hell try to act it.

I smile a lot. Half the time I don’t think I should be.

I don’t like everyone. I am nice however, to everyone.

I am not judgemental, but when someone rubs me the wrong way I can find one million pointless things I don’t like about them.

I like gossip. especially about people who rub me the wrong way.

I grew up way to fast.

I never finished school, but know that I am intelligent. My love of reading, writing and everything art, combined with the fact that I’ve had no parents since I was 13 helped. Oh…please don’t think they passed away. In the simplest way of speaking one is an alcoholic the other is a workaholic.

I’ve grown up learning how NOT to live.

I am HIGHLY ambitious.

I am too curious.

You know what just like every other person on this planet I could continue forever. But the truth of it is, I don’t really know much ‘about me’ So how could I ever expect to give anyone else an accurate description.

I think I will just blog.

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