well, well, well.

So we had our ultrasound on Monday, 2 days ago and guess what?!




I never thought I would have a boy. I thought I would have 5 girls. But a boy. WOW.

I’m in a daze, a happy daze. I am also exhausted since finding out, it feels like 4 years worth of baby making tension has all been exhaled -and cried- out in one short moment of ‘ITS A BOY!’ I think the ultrasound lady nearly cried with us. I didn’t realise I had wanted him so much.

So his name is Buddy.

I feel like a woman who’s been told she’ll never have children would, if she randomly found out she was pregnant. I had resigned myself to only ever having girls. I had no problem with that what so ever, I love my girls. But now my world has changed. I LOVE my boy, and I can’t wait to meet him.


I am genuinely happy, content and complete.


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