whats my purpose?

Isn’t it the biggest question?

Well I think I know my answer.


I think my purpose is to create. Create life, create art, create love.

In its raw-est sense I am only a woman. Women have one basic purpose. Creation.

Strip away my jewellery, my house, my car, my clothes and ‘objects’. Stand me naked in the wilderness. I am nothing but a woman, a creator of life. So why do we feel the pressure to be every single thing we can be on TOP of that amazing feat?  A mother, an employee, a lover, friend, partner, a good citizen.

Well I don’t know, I’m here to make my own questions not answer yours!

I am capable of so much as a women, but I don’t consider putting on a uniform every morning at 5am, waving goodbye to my children who will spend the day with a stranger so I can go ‘serve customers who are always apparently right.’

To me that is not creating anything. Not for me. Not for my family. And certainly not my children.

Ok, obviously I am not talking about the creation of ‘money’ it is important to some but not to me in my ‘happy’ filled world.

I’d like to live a simple life, a self-sustaining life. Really why do we get up and go to work each morning? Because we love being garbage truck drivers? Because we love being separated from our partners and children for the most part of our lives?


Because we need money, because society will think badly of us, because we look like we have no direction, no purpose, because we are lazy?

Well yes all of these. But besides needing money isn’t the rest just a little bit of paranoia? If we have a happy satisfied life then does it matter at all what anyone thinks?

Plus it just bugs me that if we don’t earn an income at the end of the day the government doesn’t earn an income. And they REALLY want to earn your income.

What if we could all grow our own self-sustaining vegetable and fruit gardens? What if we could provide our own fresh meat? What if we all decided to use solar power, tank and bore water? What if we didn’t have huge ‘wants’ like fancy cars -as long as its healthy enough to not need constant repairs and it MOVES, do we really need the ‘spoiler’ and all those extras?–

How about we learn some old school skills like sewing, gardening and cooking from scratch.

I know we still need money so why not sell a painting or two, change a tyre for a few dollars, wash cars on the weekend, get creative and use skills we have and enjoy to produce a few dollars for the luxuries we can not go without.

Why don’t we enjoy our lives?

Ahhh… living off the land is not easy, and certainly not a ‘lazy’ thing to do, but it is rewarding. And if you can gain some money from your personal talents, hobbies and skills, what could be better?

We are only on Earth but a short moment in time. At the end of it all, no one will remember us for our bank accounts or processions, they will however remember our happiness, our joy and love of life.

Our peace.

Anyway, the point to this blog is that I know my purpose. All I want to do with my life is create.

From the beginning until the end.

Create life.

Create art.

Create love.

What better a legacy for my children, who are the reason I found my purpose.

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