The Glen brag.

Hmm, Glen.

I asked my best friend one day how did she know she had made the right decision to marry her husband of ten or so years. She replied

“You just know.”

Ah huh yep. Thanks for that! Such a big help.

You just know, what the heck kind of answer is that?! Mind you we had this conversation in the midst of my previous relationship breakdown, whilst I still had strong feelings against marriage.

Prior to meeting Glen.

I am not the ‘marrying’ type. I am not one to give up my surname for traditional purposes. I am too strong willed and independant. I don’t ‘belong’ to anyone.

But I met Glen and my best friend was right. I do ‘just know’ apparently I have turned into the marrying type, I won’t be giving up my family name for traditional purposes, I will be giving it up because I want to be apart of Glen’s family, I don’t need to be stong willed and I’m ok with occasionally being dependant and emotional with Glen.  And you know what?

I WANT to ‘belong’ to Glen.

You just know.

It really is that simple. I just had to meet the right person.

We giggle like idiots while laying in bed after a long day, exhausted, trying to get to sleep but not wanting to end our pointless conversation, it’s almost a case of “You go to sleep first.” “No, YOU go to sleep first.” However we are not corny enough to voice this.

Glen is such a good man. It’s hard to expand on that because simply he is just a good man. Loyal, honest, trustworthy. And no matter how stupid this sounds- He is my best friend, besides of course my best friend.

He is my best MAN friend.

I don’t have to tolerate him. I really like him.

You can love someone without liking them. And I am happy to say I like him. And I love him.

And I know he loves me too.

The smile on his face when he walks through the door every night makes me feel like he hasn’t seen me for months. He seems to radiate gratitude that I am there for him at the end of each day. He just never seems to get bored with seeing my same old face day after day.

He doesn’t buy me flowers or jewellery. But he does pick a flower for me here or there. Like ‘stop the car, jump out choose the prettiest from a bush and give it to me randomly’ type pick me a flower.

He plays songs dedicated to me that nearly make me cry.

He never lets me go to bed alone or without a kiss and cuddle to say sweet dreams.

He thanks me for ever meal I cook.

For every uniform washed.

For every lunch made for work.

For everything I do.

I am certainly appreciated and not taken for granted.


He’s adorable and corny, funny and goofy.

He’s mine and I’m his.

We really are one dorky couple.

But we’re REALLY in love and that’s all that matters to me.

Our wedding is going to be VERY simple. But I know that it is going to be one of the most love filled events of my entire life, the thought of walking toward him on that day brings tears to my eyes. I will be wearing waterproof mascara that day, if any, for sure!

I already know that I will never forget our wedding day. And each vow I say, each promise I make, I know that it will never be hard to keep. As long as I can wake up to his handsome face each day.

Everything will always be alright.

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