an ordinary day

Today is set to be an ordinary day. We all have these, but I don’t really like them much.

I’m up for an extraordinary day.

So far I have been asked by the 3 of my vocal children if we can go somewhere. Bella “Let’s go somewhere today.”  Sophie “Where are we going today?” Violet “Go in the car mum?” And I’m sure Molly’s “Barrrum.” has something to do with getting out of the house.

But I’m sitting here looking at a mega toy explosion, not too many dishes thank goodness, because I hate dishes, and there is not much in this world that I hate. I am just glad to say that the one thing I do hate is a trivial thing like dirty dishes. There are numerous odd shoes lying around from Molly’s latest shoe obsession. Violet found a bag of sand last week and turns out she loves it. However we don’t actually have a sandpit to put it in so it’s everywhere. Even in my bed. I just try very hard to imagine the happiness on her face playing with sand while I try to get to sleep with grit rubbing my skin. Exfoliation? Sophie’s clothes are in one massive pile on her bottom bunk. I don’t really know why, the only explanation I got was so she had some room to play her games. Thats fair enough, but why not put them in the closet? Oh and Bella, the complaining never ends! I’m too bored, there’s nothing to do/eat/play in this house.

Man at least she gets to go to school 5 days a week! If I only I had someone to complain to about these ordinary days.

The worst part? I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to do all those boring necessary things!

I want to draw, write, paint, play, read, sleep perhaps.

And you know what?! I want to go somewhere too!!!

Where are we going today Cristie?

I don’t know, but I am going to think of something!

GOOD! Well get on with it so we can go make an extraordinary day!!!

What about the cleaning?

It’s not going anywhere!

Too right me!

Go have an extraordinary day too!

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