A theory on this day of love

I never thought of love as a living breathing ‘thing’ outside of oneself.

I, sadly, thought love was just another emotion like happiness or anger. Your not always angry and no one can always be happy. And like those emotions I felt that love was just a temporary feeling  that got us into a relationship with someone we enjoyed being with. There would be moments on and off when you look at that person with ‘love’ just like you could look at them with anger or sadness or happiness.

How could love be a real thing if it wasn’t a constant. We may as well walk around with a blind fold on, bump into someone, whip off the blindfold, think ‘hmm your an attractive person’ and go from there.

I think some people do begin a relationship like this and after some time to settle in, become used to the routine and become comfortable with the pattern of partnered life, love isn’t an important thing any longer, they have kids and get married and do what big people do.

But that’s not love.

I am happy I never settled. I thought I was prepared to a couple of times. But I have an overpowering sense of ‘what if’ and ‘life’s to short’ Why would I want any moment of my life or my daughters lives to be unhappy?

I am happy that my theories were so wrong. I am happy -for once- to be so utterly wrong.

Love should not be called an ’emotion’ that’s such a weak word.

Now that I know what love is.

This love makes me get up each morning.

This love makes me do the things I don’t really want to do. (Like wash dirty socks)

This love is not flippant.

This love is constant.

One day long in the future one of us will be called to go wherever it is that we go in the end, and the other will surely die of heartbreak.

Til death do us part.

Enjoy your love deeply on this Valentine’s day.

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