I guess I’m in a bit of a bad mood today, and perhaps should not be blogging. But as I have not shared my blog with anyone as yet, I’m feeling quite safe in saying whatever I feel, and in the end honesty and showing the array of my passionate personality may eventually be interesting to someone. Maybe.

I’m quite annoyed at people who take for granted everything they have. I have a few specific people in mind and each one in a different way is really very un-appreciative of what they have.

The first lets call them Boob* (No, I didn’t mis-spell Bob.)

Well Boob, has no appreciation for his family.

The second lets call them Slammer* (Its fitting trust me)

She takes for granted her VERY comfortable life.

And the third lets call her  Mrs Big*

Well she takes no responsibility for herself or actions and thinks she is the only one with a ‘hard’ life. (This may make sense if her life was actually hard.)

I’m having a hard time not saying anything to these people. I’m having an even harder time listening to their constant whining about how little they have when they drive fancy cars, live and spend excessively then complain.

It’s a constant and mis-placed ‘poor me, poor me.’

I don’t have time for it. I accept that I am lucky, I appreciate all that I have family-wise and pocession-wise. I try everyday to be thankful for all the things in my life. I try hard not to be wasteful or live excessively.

If I ever do think I have it hard, or am sad because I can’t afford a pointless pair of shoes which I adore, I try to think of the darling babies whose mothers cannot feed. Of the children as young as five raising they’re siblings due to the death of parents. I think of the large families who cannot afford any car let alone a NEW one. The families who do not even have a roof over their heads let alone one with a bedroom for each child. I think of single mothers who have no support yet smile and work each day knowing they have the love of their child. Of single dads who are not allowed to see their children grow. I try to think of people who are blessed with a disabled child and love and adore them while others complain and mis-treat their perfectly healthy children. And still most of these people wake each morning whith a smile of gratitude for the things they DO have and hope for the future. 

There are hundreds of children starving in the streets as I type this and yet some people are more concerned with whether to go for the dolce and gabbana or prada sunglasses.

Let’s be realistic.

Or so help me, I’ll get cranky!

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