I have just found out that a lady I know will be going into labour tonight. This is usually a happy situation but tonight it is not. She went to her midwife after finding it strange that her baby had not moved yet, she’s 18 and a half weeks. Only to find out her baby had died 5 weeks ago.

Being 21 weeks myself this is so close to home. Thankful whilst reading her story Buddy made himself known with a few healthy jabs.

I cannot even comprehend how she and her husband must be feeling. And now having to go into hospital and give birth to her baby.

Saying goodbye in person will ensure closure.

At some stage in our lives we will all experience loss, we all have expiry dates. Some are called earlier than others. Some just too early.

I chose to blog about this after not being able to stop thinking about it. It will not only be hard for her and her husband but trying to explain to their three children will be a task that I hope I never have to partake in myself.

I will be thinking of you throughout the night.

I hope all goes smoothly and the heart ache eases soon.

There is a lot of love being sent your way.


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