hopes for my yager babies

Sitting here listening to the rain that has just started to fall I am glad that my girls and I left the park early. We decided to have a morning tea and picnic lunch at the park, armed with picnic blankets, sandwiches, fruit, juice, some early easter eggs, our rubber balls and some building blocks -in case the play ground wasn’t ‘fun’ enough- It started getting really hot. There were some paper wasps hanging around and an overly friendly lady with two very rough boys. We eventually decided to cut it short after morning tea and come home for our picnic lunch.

I now have 2 sleeping babies and one quietly watching a movie while I sit here listening to the rare event in our town that is rain.

strangely enough its these quiet times that I think of my girls. In the not so quiet times I am constantly ‘doing’ things with my girls and have no time to think, but once it settles and quiet takes over.

I ‘think’ of them.

I have hopes for them. And for unborn Buddy.

I hope that they will always be happy. I hope that they do not feel that they have huge expectations to live up to. I hope they always feel that they make me proud and that I will support them unconditionally.

I hope they learn a lot in school. I do not want them to be doctors or lawyers, teachers or rock stars. Unless of course this is what they want. I do however hope they have options. I would love it if they chose to work in a pet store, but had the option of being a vet if they desired. I want them to be able to choose cake maker over rocket scientist because it is what they ‘want’ to do, not that it is the only thing they ‘can’ do.

I want them to be loved. Loved by their parents, and family, loved by themselves internally. I want them to be happy and contented in their relationships whether they choose to be single, married, gay or have multiple partners.

As Glen would say ‘Whatever floats your boat.’

I hope that they grow into well adjusted, happy, content people.

I do know that I will not always understand or agree with my children’s choices but I hope that I will always accept them.

I hope they are free.

I hope they are happy.

I hope they chase their dreams.

I hope they cry happy tears.

I hope.

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