everyone’s different

This is another sad little story I think perhaps pregnancy hormones are making me a little sensitive. I’ll be back to my happy’ier’ self soon, I just need a good SLEEP!

But last night while I was in the shower I was feeling bad for turning down an invite to spend the morning with my friend due to her little girl having the sniffles. I could just foresee my 4 little girls with those sniffles and it wasn’t a pretty sight. I also didn’t want to risk catching it while I’m pregnant. Which in turn made me think of when I was pregnant with Molly.

I got sick with Molly. It was horrible it was only a bug going around, but it hit me hard around the same stage I am at now, and it really dragged out. I wasn’t well for at least a week, which isn’t normal for me. I was vomiting from both ends that doesn’t sound pretty and trust me, it wasn’t- I was weak I could barely stand, my entire body ached, my head pounded and I had 3 littles girls to chase after, one I had to get to and from school daily. Glen tried his hardest to get a day off work so he could look after the girls while I rested, he could see I was going downhill. In the end I went to hospital, to see if I could get a medical certificate so that GLEN could get the day off. A long shot that didn’t work. He did end up with a day off, which helped immensely.

But the part I was remembering last night was when I was sitting with the nurse at 9.30pm in the nurses station and she was asking me about my support network. My support network? What IS that? She told me the best thing I could do for my sickness was to call my mum and ask her to fly up and help me.

Um, what?!

Glen the girls and I moved interstate for work 2 years ago now. Our family is back in NSW. And my family -family is a loose term in my ‘family’-would never dream of hopping on a plane to rescue me, or help me or support me.

I did end up sitting there nose running, tears pouring. Not because I was feeling horribly sick but because I was wondering what a mother like that would be like. Really are there mothers who pack up on the spot and jump on a plane to go help out their sick daughters?

I sat there, wondering how to explain that my mum was not like an ordinary mum.


My mum was extraordinary.

She would laugh at me if I asked her to hop on a plane to come see me.

She doesn’t buy christmas or birthday presents, but she’s more than willing to have a celebratory drinks on your behalf and dance and laugh herself into the next day.

She never calls.

She rarely texts me.

But I know when I see her she’ll give me a hug in a strangely comforting bubble of cigarette smoke. And I’ll smell her hair which is tainted with a smokey spiciness. A mix of lingering ash and alcohol.

She wears a shark tooth on one earring.

And a gecko ring on one finger.

Hand-made anklets on one ankle.

But she also wears a smile that has left her with lots of laughter and smile lines that stay long after her smile fades.

Everyone’s different and my mums included.

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