a new type of mum

My best friend suggested nachos for dinner. At first I was like ‘chips for dinner? Really?’

Why not?

So we’re having nachos. I even went and bought the aluminium take away dishes to eat them from.

It’s SO fun!

I’m thinking perhaps surprise ice cream breakfasts occasionally and chocolate muffins for lunch once in a while. Who says desserts are reserved for ‘after’ dinner?

This whole nachos thing has awakened my mind. I know I am probably going overboard but once a seed takes hold, I can’t help myself!

I’m imagining lemon tea and cupcakes out on a picnic blanket while watching clouds roll by, giggling at the girls with cake all over their faces.

Fairy floss and pink lemonade, jelly beans and chocolate mousse after cucumber sandwiches in the park.


I’d love to be so care free occasionally that we did all these things.

Maybe I will.

I gave nachos a try.

Anything is possible.

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