Living where we live I get so bored. It’s not like I have nothing to do with 4 kids and a house to look after. There is constant feeding, playing, and cleaning among other things, but I get bored because I don’t ever get the time to do the things that I want to do. Like paint, draw, design clothes, make clothes/toys/jewellery, write -well writing a post on my blog is the most I can manage time for- I get random moments where I can fit in just a little bit of what I’d like to do, but it is always a rushed attempt and once I get a taste it makes it harder for me to let it go when I don’t get a chance for another month or so.

Though through boredom I’ve become more creative than I have ever been. Also more imaginative. Which is part of the reason I would love to have the time to sit down and write a novel. Or at least complete on of the many I have begun over the years.

But one thing I have a passion for is photography, I have been taking creative pictures for the majority of my life. I never called myself a photographer until recently as I never really thought about it. I took pictures of beautiful things in interesting ways and people have always been interested.  But having 4 cute little girls, a good camera and a small amount of skill. I realised perhaps I should pursue my passion and this is something I can fit in almost anytime. So here I will share what my boredom has created.


These are not necessarily my best but they are some of my favorites. And the beauty of a picture is that you will always know the story behind it.

I love these pictures because of their stories.

So boredom has spawn my love of photos and photography. Which means that whether I’m taking pictures or simply looking back on them remembering the scene that occured perhaps years ago, I could never be bored.

Ah I found the beauty in boredom.


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