Even nothing is something

Alright so my day didn’t get any better. But I did ‘do’ some things.

I nibbled pitted dates and sipped soda water while painting my toe nails pink.

I read some of my book, which I must say is the stupidest book I have ever read. For future reference, do not listen to 17-year-old bookstore girls. I went in looking for a particular book and ended up walking out with the first 2 books of a completely different series. She told me these books were a ‘more grown up adult version of the Twilight series -which I liked- and different to all the other vampire stuff out.’

Well yes its different, but obviously a 17 year olds idea of ‘grown up adult’ is not the same as mine. Basically I am reading about a skanky yet virgin Damphir -half vampire half human- named Rose. Who whilst fighting off boys who want to make out with her,  is trying hard to protect her Moroi-living vampire friend Vasilisa from Strigoi -the undead version of vampire. Omg! Even the ‘older’ guy she has a crush on is younger than me! I’m going back to picking my own books from now on!

I got side tracked with my annoyance at a stupid book I now feel compelled to finish. What? I’m giving it the opportunity to get better, unlikely as I’ve only got an eighth to go.

‘Never judge a book by its cover.’

But seriously if your reading a crap one…..CHUCK IT OUT!

I’m not a quitter. I am NOT a quitter.

My cold also got worse. My nose is dribbling, I feel weak and yucky. I’d like to sleep, but children will not allow it. I also decided to do a nice big baked chicken dinner to make me feel better. I checked on it a moment ago thinking it will only have 30 mins or so left. Only to find a completely raw chook sitting in my oven for the past 2 hours 😦

My oven was not turned on.

I wish I had someone to blame besides myself.

So dinner will be late.

And all I wanted to do was go to bed early.

Well my day progressed, I did things.

Even doing nothing is doing something.


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