what to do?

My girls are all happily playing in their sand pit, it’s a Saturday so all my friends have their husbands at home and can’t come out to play with me. My house is clean due to an inspection we had a day ago.

What else is there for me to do?

I dressed up the girls beautifully in their flower girls outfits hoping to snap a few pretty pics yet my battery was flat.

I’d make a cake but I made one and some cupcakes a couple of days ago which we need to eat.

I’d start a new painting, but I know my girls will smell it and then I’ll be too busy whipping out paint for them to finish my own painting.

I’d read, but it makes me feel lazy. I do have a load of washing to put on. (Not what I had in mind Cristie!)

I don’t expect this post to be interesting, I am wasting time.

free time.

I NEVER get free time when I actually want free time, its like it’s forced upon me at the most inconvenient times. Like when I have nothing to do for myself. And I guess having so little time for myself, I sometimes forget what I would do for myself if I had the time.

I think too much in moments like these. I think too much in most moments regardless, but when there is relative silence my mind goes crazy.

I can hear crickets. I can feel a breeze on my bare back, its cool because it’s so hot and I’m clammy. The whirring of the computer, is sadly comforting. A little bird just squawked. Now that I’m focusing I can hear my fridge too. I can hear our tin roof expanding under the burning sun. Wow the crickets are actually quite loud. And here I was thinking I had silence.

Buddy just kicked. Thanks little guy for letting me know your still doing well.

I wonder what my mother is doing. I feel like I might call her but I know how she was last time I talked with her. Distracted.

I won’t call my father for the same reason plus some.

It would be nice to be able to go dress shopping with my best friend today, only she’s 16 hours away. We could have shopped and laughed, had a cappuccino and some lunch, and kept shopping and laughing all afternoon. It will be so nice to go home in June, 5 weeks should boost and recharge me enough to withstand the nothingness this town has to offer me. I always felt like I was the kind of person who could make my own fun, no matter where I was. But I can’t anymore. Or maybe I’m having some mental blocks and just can’t think of anything in this moment.

Either way, I have bored myself further with this post, and I am thankful that I do not have any readers as my blog is still a ‘secret’

Well until next time I have something pointless to say.

Please have more fun than me 🙂

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