freaking out

After my last post I needed a few days break, I considered completely deleting any evidence that I’d ever had a blog in the first place. I don’t know if I want you to read it. I really don’t.

But I thought ‘No one knows I even HAVE a blog yet, so whats the harm in saying whatever I feel?…to myself?’

So I haven’t deleted it and decided to continue on and then see what happens.

So I am not going to freak out.

I will not dwell on things I’ve written, because I know that at the time of writing them I felt ok with it, so as long as I don’t go back and read what I wrote previously then I can pretend that I never wrote them and still be ok with it.

confusing much?

Basically if I look forward, not back, accept what I have done and said, then moved on to better things.

I will be ok.

Just like with everything.

No use freaking out.

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