Some sort of meditation

I have just declared all over my Facebook that I will be hibernating between the 7th and 21st of March. I also said that I would be off-limits between that time. I really want to spend time with My girls, Glen, sorting through our house and focusing on myself. I want to start new patterns, new ways of thinking and appreciating the times we are and are not doing anything.

I’ve been feeling unsettled lately.

Could be pregnancy. Most likely it is. But I know Glen is not calm right now and I know the girls could be happier.

So pregnancy or not, I have an excuse to change things.

So I will.

Part of my plan is to get up at 6am and do a one hour casual walk on my treadmill. This is not for weight loss or anything in particular, except that I know it is something that will help me clear my head first thing in the morning, make my body feel better and I know I will benefit.

Secondly I am going to start taking all the girls for a daily walk. This will probably happen when I take Bella to school, we’ll say our good byes on the corner (I can’t go into the school, I will be hard up explaining away the fact that I am  in hibernation and ignoring everyone) Then from there take the long route around the block and back home.

Nothing better than fresh air first thing.

Plus Bella likes us to walk with her to school, makes her feel special.

I plan to make each of my girls feel special too, now I am yet to work out when to fit this in.

 Before or after the ‘house’

I also want to spend each day, on top of normal daily cleaning, in one specific room completely going through it with a fine tooth comb. I want to clear out things that are no longer needed and if they can be used by some one else, then donate them.

I would like to spend this time reminding my girls that family is first.

No matter what.

And unconditionally.

I am thinking that since Molly is the only one who has daily naps anymore, that the girls could use this time to make a ‘gift’ for someone else in the family and have a little presentation at family dinner time.

Each day I hope to spend either one on one time with each of my girls, or at least completely ‘with’ them all. Not entertaining them or occupying them but actually being WITH them in the moment, AND enjoying it myself. I’m going to teach them new skills. I’m going to cook with them. I’m going to create things with them. Stare up at the clouds with them and encourage their imaginations. I’m going to read MORE stories to them and then help them write their own. I’m going to paint their nails daily, if that’s what they’d like. Do fancy pretty hair do’s just because. Play dress ups and make believe.

I’m going to be a kid again. With them.

I want us to reflect and appreciate and care for one another.

I want to be able to de-stress, take a breath and just be calm inside.

peaceful, happy, balanced, calmness.

I know what it feels like, I just need to embrace it and hang on to it.

I’d like the girls and Glen to do the same.

I feel like it will be a form of meditation for our family, and even if it turns out we don’t change anything we will at least have had two weeks without everyone elses issues and dramas, trying to fit everyone into our already cram packed time.

So wish me luck!

I’m looking forward to the changes in health and lifestyle and new patterns and routines.

A change is as good as a holiday!

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