day two

(My second attempt to write this post, as I had gotten half way through and Sophie came over and bumped something. The whole lot disappeared before my eyes. I can honestly say that it was the most frustrating moment of my day. Why is there no ‘undo’ button?)

So anyway day two. Take two.

Up at 6am making our bed to our wedding song (one of)

By 7.50 I was still alone, I was relaxing with a coffee waiting for Sophie. After deciding to take the little ones to the park I’d made a triple batch of my home-made pancakes, cleaned up the house and kitchen and made Bella’s school lunch. (Which I’d made a little extra special since she’d be missing out on the park. She had pancakes, fairy bread, though she kept calling it ‘fairies ON bread’ so I am not sure how many kids at school she traumatized. Chicken drumstick, a piece of her own home-made chocolate cake and an apple to balance it out. I don’t think the teachers would have looked at it like that. I knew I’d be the ‘frowned apon’ parent for that school day.) She thought it was awesome and I figure an occasional ‘awesome’ lunch is alright. It made her happy.

I also finally decided to stick my ‘good’ cameras battery on to charge so I could start photo documenting our 2 week family isolation.

7.08 still alone I went down to the clothesline for a skirt WITHOUT being followed.

This is AWESOME!

7.14 Sophie’s up! And……her shorts are inside out? Any who.

7.16 Violet’s awake. And so not a morning person. She sat on the threshold of her room for about 10 mins with a frown.

7.36 Bella came upstairs in her uniform and started fussing over the fact that there was  a massive pile of pancakes sitting on the bench, so it was pancake for breaky too!

7.52 Molly finally woke. I was starting to get worried in case she slept too long and had to have a fruit breaky on the run to drop off Bella.

All good so far. I think the biggest drama we had all morning was that everyone was dressed and fed and ready to go by about 8.05!

We got bored.

We left for school about 8.15 I thought I would let Molly walk instead of take the pram knowing that it would slow us down plenty. We heard Bella’s 8.30am school bell go off 50 metres down the road.

Thank you Molly!

We got home and jumped in the car ready to head to comet park.

I love the 30 min drive, we turn the music up and I sing along with the girls. I wouldn’t do it if Glen was in the car for fear of laughter, but the girls think my voice is beautiful, in the same way I think theirs is. They probably all love to sing because I pelt out the tunes big time when alone and pregnant in the car. Well I do it when I’m not pregnant but it sounds special, like something they inherited from me during their time in the womb.

So we sang!…’you used to hold me, you used to hold me, you used to hold me, me, mirror.’

(I have tried to explain to the girls that it sounds more like ‘me, me, meee, ya!’ But they disagree, so if you can’t beat em, join em. You used to hold me mirror, is quite cute too. As long as I don’t sing it out one night after a couple of drinks.)

So we arrived at Comet park.

My park.

Comet park


Ok so I am intelligent enough to know that technically this is actually council property but I still think of it as my park. it is always empty, it is always quiet. It is completely fenced and has heaps of running space. It is surrounded by properties so while having a swing a horse or cow may come say hello. I could spend all day here and the girls could too. It’s like our own little world. Somewhere we can do what we want and be ourselves. We don’t have to entertain anyone or worry about anything except ourselves. Oh and the occasional bird who wants to steal our pancakes!

Pancake theif

This was one such bird.


Besides the stealing birds we had a lot of fun and I actually relaxed. And laughed, and smiled, and was not in any rush to leave.

We found a lady beetle.

Then lost the lady beetle, and searched for another.

We went into tunnels.

And then came back out again. Over and over.

Then we got tired of that and rested in the tunnels.

We then got in a few cute pictures while we were at it.


Don’t forget Buddy!

After having some pancakes and a drink we checked out an old man who was mowing the lawn with a tractor thing.

Yeah they really did ‘check him out’ for ages. I know I would have felt awkward.


Eventually we began to get bored.

Sophie’s face says it all, we were getting tired after climbing and swinging and pulling prickles from our bare feet and being told to put sticks down (Molly) and stealing each others shoes (and socks, again, Molly) and picking flowers and digging holes in the dirty dirt. So we left for home.

Only this time we sang Daddy’s song.

Mr Mysterious.

So we got home and I thought that since Bella had fairy bread for lunch the girls might like to get creative and make their own fairy bread for lunch, so after setting out individual bowls of pretty sprinkles and buttering their bread I set them to work. Molly thought it was great. She skipped the middle man however and spoonfuls of sprinkles went from the bowl directly to her little mouth. The crunching of sugar filled sprinkles almost gave me chills. I am slightly against too many sugary treats and this went too far. I left them like this……

So I could duck around the corner into the kitchen to make them grab them a bowl of our home-made no fat, no sugar greek yoghurt with a sprinkling of frozen mixed berries.

And I walked, well hobbled, back to the table to find this………..

Only slight devastation compared to the floor beneath this picture. But well worth it the girls had fun and I had fun allowing them to make a mess without ‘mentioning’ that they should keep their bread on the plate.

From here I managed to get the girls to have some quiet time by repeating yesterdays successful Toy Story 3 situation, and I didn’t feel it but I was exhausted again so I rested too. Then hung some washing while waiting for Bella to arrive home. I was vacuuming out the car while the little girls rode their bikes in the garage when Bella arrived. She came home in a foul mood though her teacher from last year apparently ‘hates’ her and thinks she is a chatterbox. Well she is a chatterbox.

I finally ran out of things to do and with still time to kill before dinner decided to take a drive to Bluff. 10 mins down the road, it was nice and cleared my mind for a whole bunch of strange and wonderful thoughts. I thought about the world being ‘my oyster’ which I then thought too deeply about. I am sure that this saying has something to do with the possibility of blossoming into a pearl, does it? I don’t know. But I decided I don’t want the world to be my slimy snot coloured blob. And it is in a shell. It is limited. I don’t want to be limited no matter how slimy and snot like my life may be. But then I was like ‘well why should my life be better than any others?’ Its not I then decided. So I am insignificant. Just like everyone else.

As a whole we’re marvellous individually we’re not that great.

Just like one blade of grass standing by one tree is not so beautiful but millions of blades of grass and multiple trees were pretty spectacular. (This came about because I was noticing how nice the country side was, I should really keep my mind on one thing at a time.)

Anyway Glen’s playing his Xbox, I think in an attempt to show me how bored and un-entertained he is. I don’t know how to fix that in our 2 week thingy especially since I have decided to document it all.

Oh I must mention the girls ‘driving’ lessons. Glen arrives home from work and there is a squealing stampede to race to the front door and all the girls race downstairs to meet Glen as he opens the garage door to put away our ‘mini van’ no seriously its about the size of those red and yellow push cars kids have! Violet is the ‘driver’ she puts it into gear and steers into the garage while Sophie holds on giggling with happiness from the passenger seat. They reverse and drive in, they reverse and drive in and so on and so forth. It’s funny for my to watch as I’m up on the verandah above and hear them laughing their little heads off going back and forth waving up at me each go.

Oh I must stop now.

So the verdict on today was that I am exhausted. I got a lot done, but it caught up to me, I have a big load of dishes to wash before I can have my shower and head to bed. And now Glen’s come to see what I am writing with a sheepish look on his face and now has proceeded to tell me about his killing game.

Ok I am done. A good day over all.

Tomorrow is Glen’s first day off, so it will be different.

We will see.

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