day four part 1

So I’ll make this quick as its 7.45 and I promised that I would not use the com for anything except to blog and that I would keep it to myself by doing it at night.

But the girls are eating toast and waiting for their beautiful fruit salad.

I am making them wait for Molly to wake because I know she’ll be left with the least desirable fruit like the pear. She loves it though, probably due to scabbing leftovers!

So getting up at 6am was a little bit of a struggle this morning. I didn’t really want to get up I lay there making my eyes open up painfully. I got up about ten minutes later to head down stairs and hang Glen’s work uniforms out to dry. Not long afterwards I heard a sleepy little voice ‘What are you doing mum?’ came Sophie dreamily down the stairs. I think she’s still in shock that I somehow keep waking before her and then to be doing stuff outside was just weird to her.

She told me how she’d slept well and when she got up that she said good morning to ‘sunrise.’

It must be her adaptation of my ‘Good morning sunshine.’

I’m feeling better than yesterday and optimistic that today can be better. I am hoping to walk the girls -with Glen- to the shops. They enjoy it and I could use the tan. I will be putting sunscreen on this time though.

Ok, 7.55 I think I shall go wake Glen as gently as possible. Meaning I will open the door and tell the girls to ‘go get him.’

The day has begun and I will keep you posted as to its progression.

I am hoping for a brilliant happy day.

I am hoping it doesn’t end with Bella declaring ‘I really dislike you right now mum!’ (so maybe she didn’t actually say ‘really dislike’ or ‘right now’ but I really ‘dislike’ her use of the ‘H’ word. Which she knows and whips out here and there.)

Oh and if you were wondering why she said that to me instead of ‘goodnight mummy dearest, I love you.’ it was because I suggested that instead of staying up to watch the show that was on, that maybe she should go to bed and start on the new book I bought her today!

Ah, appreciation.

Maybe we all need a dictionary and a few days to let the meaning sink in.

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