day four part 2

All went well.

Personally I am back on track, the house is a little messier at this stage than it has been in the last few days but it’s mainly a few things on the floor and a few dishes from tonight, and a basket of washing. I have decided to save these things for tomorrow morning when I’m up early and on my own.

I had a nice nap this afternoon we walked Bella to school then from there we walked to the shops. I don’t think Glen was fully aware of what it involved. It was about 2.5 hours of walking. Slowly. and about half an hour reward of cakes and milkshakes at the cafe`

Sophie ended up falling asleep too, and had to be woken to get ready for ballet.

Oh I woke from my nap to find a nice big delicious salad sandwich and glass of water. Maybe I am appreciated after all. Thank you Glen.

Little things mean a lot.


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