day five

I’ll try to keep this short.

Today started at 6am again. I cleaned, Sophie and Molly were up around half an hour later.

They decided to relocate a rooms worth of toys -thats a dramatisation to make a ‘house’ by our front door.

Molly needed to be bribed to play. Her weakness? Shoes.

However Sophie was prepared with a bag full of shoes to keep her interested.

We all walked Bella to school together. Chatting about the fact that it had been two days since Violet had run into a mail box. I think even she is trying to keep an eye open for those sneaky things. I seriously think that in Violet’s mind she believes they jump out in front of her while she’s deep in thought (which means distracted) She plowed face first into one a couple of mornings ago, hard enough it made her stagger backwards. Then after she’d gotten over the shock, she came within a cm of face planting into the very next houses mailbox too!

Sophie found a couple of feathers which Bella described in detail about the fact that there could be ‘disgusting fleas’ on them. Even my skin crawled. I loved feathers as a kid. Ew, not anymore.

We came home and our front garden with its lovely climable trees beckoned. Apparently so did our lawn. To Glen.

So I sat with the girls in the shade of the trees in our front yard and played with them, generally they were in their own world of imagination and fantasy so I also enjoyed the chance to just sit and watch them talk to themselves and sticks and the neighbours cat. they eventually pulled out the pram and had a ball.

Sophie Pushed Violet around. (Violet had to sit underneath because Sophie’s baby -Molly doll- sat in the seat.

Sophie then lost interest in pushing Violet around.

Violet was left stuck in the bottom of the pram, she was not impressed. I couldn’t help but smile (I tried not to let her see that.)

She got over it, and had a turn too.

Our neighbours cat Molly (I have always loved the name Molly. Sophie’s doll is named Molly, this doll was actually given to Bella on her first christmas when she was three months old, I named it Molly for her. Now that I actually have a daughter named Molly, it pops up EVERYWHERE! This cat, AND there is a dog down the road also named Molly. I thought it was more commonly a human name but apparently it is also a popular pets name. weird) She’s a good cat though, timid but not docile. Friendly without being annoying and best of all not ours! She also besides one missing small white fleck reminds me of my cat I rescued as a kid named Patches.

The similarities in personality and looks is uncanny.

My actually daughter Molly was just being her adorable self.

Though shortly after this she went walk-a-bouts. I knew she’d headed out the backyard but knowing that she is afraid of the lawn mower I just assumed she’d be watching Glen from our under cover patio. I asked Sophie what Molly was up to when she came back out from another lap on her bike. She replied ‘She’s mowing the lawn.’

Oh really.

Hm, this I think is one of those get up immediately and check on the situation type situations.

This is what I found.

Oh geeze! This immediately reminded me of one of the few episodes I have seen of  ‘raising hope’ The one where the dad was whipper snipping with his baby daughter strapped to his front. But at least she was wearing goggles and ear muffs. And I am pretty certain that the dad was setting an ok example by wearing more than thongs an shorts while doing so!

Ok dad and daughter time down for this day!

After lunch I had a nap, thank you again Glen. I have been so exhausted, pregnancy, pain and the new early rising is catching up with me. But I felt good after my little sleep (actually I think Glen let me sleep for a good couple of hours!)

We then filled the pool for the girls and began to fill some water balloons for them. Glen and I couldn’t keep up! They were being ‘accidentatly’ popped quicker than we could get them filled at least we had a sneaky giggle as we ‘accidentally’ wet each other.

Finally we had a small basket full.

The only thing the girls wanted to aim at was Glen.

I don’t think any connected. For the 10 minutes their fight actually lasted we all had a ball.

Even myself and my Buddy belly ended up pretty soaked. So it was upstairs for all us girls to have a nice warm shower and settle down to await dinner.

Glen and I are now alone in our quiet house with our little sleeping Yager babies tucked up happily dreaming away hopefully dreaming of the laughs and fun we’ve been having over the past five days. Enjoying the undivided attention and unconditional love that has always and always will be showered upon them like a rainbow mass of water balloons exploding over their pretty little heads.

I tell you my darlings, I have a bucket load to drench you with.


Well I’m off now to have some apple pie with my love, smothered with my special whipped cream I make.

All I can say is that it delicious.

Just like my life is, always has been, and, always will be.


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