day 11. the leftovers that were yesterday

Again I am writing this the ‘day after’ I’d like to blame my commitment to my family as an excuse for this.

So I will.

Yesterday was good and a little busy. I cracked and called my best friend. It was good for me, but the girls simply don’t understand what ‘mummy time’ is. They have no comprehension that I am a person. No concept of me having wants or needs.

I am mum.

Devotee of the little people who are Bella, Sophie, Violet, Molly and soon Buddy.

I remember my grandmother telling me that with each child you become less and less important, and move further down the line. So currently I come 5th. I don’t agree with her completely. In MY opinion, if ‘the mother’ doesn’t come first as in gets herself enough rests, makes sure she eats regularly, cares about pretty hair and nice clothes and makes sure she is generally happy within then how can she radiate happy positive vibes to those little sponges?

But in reality, what my grandmother said does actually happen. I never get to just ‘rest’ and I can only do so when the girls are already asleep, I NEVER eat first. I get the ‘leftovers’ the amount of food that is left after dishing out Glen and the girls food first, my plate is always last to hit the table and I am always last to sit. I don’t actually brush my hair daily, but I like the ‘boho beachy’ look. (Thats my term for non-daily brushed hair, it works. People aim ‘daily’ for this style, if only they knew!) I don’t always wear ‘nice’ clothes, they are however old. I do make sure that I don’t have anything that resembles those easy and comfy ‘trakie dacks’ in my wardrobe at all.

Out of sight out of mind.

Though I borrow Glens sometimes.

Only sometimes.

I try to make my old faded stuff look boho or hippy, that purposely hobo look. Being in love with clothes (I’ve always designed clothes and wanted to be a designer since I was a little girl) I can chuck stuff together and people seem to think I have a ‘look’ in my mind it is a shabby chic, vintage, retro, pretty girly yet unique look.


They ARE old. Hence ‘vintage’

They ARE dresses. Hence ‘pretty girly’

They ARE on me. Hence ‘unique’

But as for the happy, positive vibes, I usually suck those from my babies and its like that little game with the ball that bounces back and forth to that monotonous ping sound which is strangely not annoying.

Anyway as for the leftovers of yesterday here they are in pictures.

We wore inappropriately cute clothing. (Which is now in the dirty pile as we ate some delicious dark chocolate between ballet lessons and got messy.)

Our clay bowls and things FINALLY dried. (We actually made these a few days ago, but Bella’s bowl to the left consisted of about a kilo of clay and the base was at least and inch and a half thick. It took a while to dry.)

Top of my bowl.

Side view of my bowl. I know it’s not perfect but being the perfectionist I am, Boy did I try!

This is the bowl Glen me, the one I mentioned, the one with ‘grip’ to hold in my jewellery. I swear it is the sweetest thing I’ve ever been given! (and funniest.)

Bella’s bowl. It’s so cute and she doesn’t know its dry yet so I know she’ll be over the moon when I give it to her and let her know she can FINALLY use it. (She’s only been asking twice a day since we made them!)

Leftovers from our awesome cubby house which we made using the dining table. Each time I have gone to put these away I get the puppy eyes from one of the girls asking if we’ll ever make another one, I reply ‘Yes, of course we will, I’ll leave these here until we do.’ So perhaps we should make another soon.

So this mess is still sitting on our coffee table. Which is never used for coffee and isn’t even in our lounge room, its in a ‘sitting corner’ and regularly used as a meet up area for the girls and their toys. It’s on their car matt so It is also occasionally and bridge or a shed or car park. It shows Molly’s shoe and bead obsessions. Violet’s need for noise and pens to draw on things, consistently NOT paper.  Sophie’s love of building with blocks and drawing. Bella’s thing for cooking, well what she’d like to cook, and my new love of hessian bags! Fashionable ones of course. Its cute AND it doesn’t matter if it gets crumbs of milk spills and can carry, drinks, food, phone, wallet, toys, nappies, wipes AND more!

I could sell hessian. It really is awesome.

Another leftover of yesterday is bobby pins! They get everywhere! Especially on days after ballet. 3 ballet buns and ten million bobby pins later, they are everywhere! And in such weird places.

I am happy to say that my dishes for this morning mainly consist of putting away. I despise washing dishes!

Anyway I best be off. I have put myself into a rush now deciding to do this post this morning as its now 8.15 and Bella is still not up for breakfast she only has 15 mins before school!

Basically you now know what I’ll spend at least part of today doing. Fixing up the ‘leftovers of yesterday’

Glen’s home today, so I ma happy and excited about that. We’ll see if he has any interesting plans for us today.

The little pressie we bought him yesterday after ballet. Just to say I love you and that we appreciate him and that we are all so proud of him, we also got a card which we all wrote in. It was adorable. It went from one extreme to the other, from perfectly readable print to scribble…well Molly basically ‘dribbled’ on it, but she made her contribution to show her love.


Can’t ask for more.

Have a happy day!



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