days 12 and 13

Now, I am having trouble remembering Friday as its now Sunday and it seems so far away.

I do remember having someone turn up for a coffee date even though I was ‘off limits’ but I broke my own rules and had coffee anyway. We were also expecting a tv guy to come around at 9am to check out our horrible tv reception. For the past 2 or more years we’ve been limited to channel 10 and a very ‘snowy’ version at that. But I’d gotten used to not watching tv, I like to listen to the news but that is a rare occurrence with so many little noisy people in our house.

So eventually and hour and a half late the tv man came and fixed our tv ‘stuff’ and all of a sudden we were in awe of the crystal clear channels, yes that’s right, channels. Plural!

So the rest of friday I spent cleaning and mucking around with the girls. We’d planned to do groceries but didn’t have enough time left to get to Emerald before Bella finished school due to the tv mans lateness.

We did get to Emerald yesterday after cooking Bella’s french toast recipe. I have always loved ‘fried bread’ it was probably the only thing my dad could cook so on the rare occasions as kids when he’d make it for breakfast we relished it. Smothered with tomato sauce. No two pieces ever cut in the same shape. (They probably were, but that was part of the awesomeness of Dad’s fried bread.) Well Bella found this recipe after doing some italian research. I thought ‘french bread’ was a french thing, but apparently not this recipe.

It’s a sweet french toast. And it was so yumo! Sprinkled with icing sugar and cinnamon.

So anyway, while in Emerald Glen bought a set-top box, so now we are once again we are almost current with technology. We have the new free channels and there are millions! Well maybe not millions but it feels like it once you’ve been conditioned to one fuzzy channel to all of a sudden have heaps all crystal clear.


However I have only held the remote once.

I haven’t really watched it either. I think I am afraid that if I sit down I will become obsessed and I will never get anything done around this place which is already an issue.

Getting things done.

So we got home from our shopping after a nice full day, including lunch in the park together. We then decided to have a ‘movie’ night camp out in mum and dads room. Sadly Bella missed out due to huge tantrums thrown at dinner and Molly just couldn’t stay up that long. So really it was Mum, Dad, Sophie and Violet. We watched Corpse Bride, such an interestingly morbid kids movie. Afterwards we turned the lights out and all slept like babies until about 7.45am (surprisingly) I woke to someone poking me in the butt saying ‘its hanging out mum.’ And someone else trying to pull off my toe ring, which also must have been hanging out.

Well I must go now as we’re currently having ‘toilet’ issues, someone keeps stealing the toilet roll (Molly) from someone who is trying to be grown up and use the toilet (Violet)

But the last two days have been alright.

I’ve been IN them and connected to whats going on. I can’t say so much for today, boredom is just about to drive me crazy again.

But tomorrow is day 14! Last day, so I will give a conclusion ‘post’ to sum it all up. Til then…..


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