Just because……..

I got up feeling the need to write a post. (I am still struggling with ‘blog’ terminology, excuse me.) But after sitting here for a moment thinking, yelling at the dog to go back down the stairs, and some more thinking. I can’t think of what I wanted to blog/post about.

Hence the title.

Just because.

I’m sitting here right now writing, just because.

I do a lot of things ‘Just Because’ and I think it is great. we need more Just Becausers out there.

For example I am learning italian just because. I am finding it hard to keep practising it though, its hard to walk through our house speaking gibberish to basically everyone else in our house and not get a response. There is only so much one can say to themselves, let alone in a foreign language. I wish to find an italian person. I just doubt that I will in a town like mine.

I paint just because.

I draw and write just because.

I like certain people just because, and sadly I dislike some other just because.

I love just because with no reasons needed is the best kind of love.

It’s Just Because.

Yes, I am a Just Becauser.

Has the meaning of these two words lost their meaning to you yet?

The beauty of doing something without reason. The beauty of doing something just for you.

Just because.

This is a ‘just because’ picture I took. It doesn’t have much story behind it except as a part of a great family day shared in the park. A ‘memory spark’ makes you think of things or times. Its colourful and interesting.

And I took it just because I could.

We all have the freedom to be Just Becausers.

So lets!

Have a beautiful day and go do something……


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