New interests

So I have a couple of new interests, to anyone who knows me well, they will know this is nothing new.

I’ve carried on about italian for a while so we all know that’s one. But I’ve also developed a curiosity about palmistry or palm reading. I get interested in things easily, the more curious I am the more I learn. I adore learning and I think reading is the best way to learn anything.  The more I read about things the more interested I get as I begin to realise how these seemingly simple things are so complex. I love reading the histories about things like this too.

There is ALWAYS more than meets the eye.

With everything.

And I am interested in just about EVERYTHING.

I think I can honestly say I know a little about a lot. Simply because I have such a curious personality.

But I do live by the rule that “a wise person will acknowledge that they know nothing.”

I wish I could learn everything. And I think that’s my problem as well as a gift.

I can never learn anything to its depths. I don’t think I have any topic of knowledge that I could say I have exhausted every avenue, that there is no more about a certain topic left to learn.

I always learn enough to feel confident about whatever it is and to have a sound grasp on it but never enough to ‘specialise’

Am I confusing anyone with my difficult descriptions?

Besides myself I mean….?

I think I will stop my fingers from moving across the keyboard now before my mind runs away with them again.

I just wish I had more time to absorb every fascinating detail about everything and enough time in which to teach it all to my daughters.

I guess a lifetime is a long time.

And that’s how long I’ve got.

Better get to it then!

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