Stick em

You know those ever so popular frangipani stickers EVERYONE has stuck on their cars?






No, that’s all I wanted to say.

Because there is no point to them. They are freaking annoying if nothing else. I joined a group on Facebook entitled ‘If you have frangipani stickers on your car I reserve the right to crash into it.’ So many people joined it that I don’t know how the government hasn’t yet been trying to pass a bill on it!

Hibiscus tried its best to squeeze in there and get a bit of action but it didn’t take off. And anyone who did have hibiscus instead of frangipani was seen as a rebel, a freak of nature.

Why aren’t you following the masses?!


Well the only kind of flowers you see stuck on cars now are faded and peeling and simply look bad now.


Because it was a fad. And it’s now over.

It was so 5 minutes ago.

So whats IN now?

It’s those family stick figures.

Oh gosh, I did think they were cute in the beginning when I saw that it was just an application on Facebook, but once they started appearing on cars I sighed. Here we go again.

There’s the stick figure of mum with arms full of shopping bags, the stick dad with his fishing rod, then you stick on a few kids, either with angel wings or halos. (I have seen some of the ‘angels’ that climb out of these cars and they are not ‘real’ angels or even close.) I guess stick figures don’t come with horns yet?

I honestly feel like getting a sticker to stick on the back of our car in an annoyingly visible section saying-

Two adults, one male, likes long walks on the beach. One female, pregnant and seriously bugged by all your pointless info plastered to your car!

4 children all female, not perfect but close to it.

If you want further information, which like us, you probably don’t then tail gate us until we stop then ask us all about it.

By the way another thing that is SO 5 minutes ago is…..

Baby on board.

Babe on board.

Mum’s taxi.

Really. It’s just a car.

It will usually be driven by someone and most likely have family members in it.

Unless of course it has a ‘P’ plate on it, in that case it will be drunken/high teens who don’t care about you what so ever.

Anyway drive safe.

Just don’t annoy me with your stickers!

Stick em to your house or face.

Anything except your car like EVERYONE else!!!


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