Beauty of sleep

mmm…..your eyelids closed and you feel your body stirring.


Flexing toes. You can feel the muscles all the way up the back of your calves and thighs moving in harmony.

Tightening, releasing.

Stretching and wriggling fingers. Palms clumsily brush back hair in your face brushing your cheekbones, as your shoulders roll from side to side, feeling the cool fabric across them as they move to uninhabited spaces.

You pull fluffy doonahs up around your neck and let your cheek snuggle into them as you lazily roll to your side fingers reaching, searching…….

All of a sudden your wide awake.

You’ve lifted your head and look for the man who’s meant to be there.

Then a little sadly you reach for his pillow which is always more comfortable than yours anyway and tug it closer and cuddle into it.

Then slowly it all comes back to you……

A slight sudden movement. You stir and groggliy grope in the darkness. You reach for a rough spiky face and cup it lovingly. Stroke an earlobe.

You nod and try to repeat the ‘I love you’s’ being whispered.

mmm….the memory of sweet little kisses on your lips and cheek and neck.

Butterfly kisses.

Then your hand is empty but the feeling is remembered.

Sinking deeper into the soft covers and all too many pillows, spreading out all over the empty space.

Sleep threatens to take hold again while sweet little nothingness floats aimlessly in your mind.

Then you hear a creaking door.

A small pitter patter across dusty floor boards.

A sweet angelic voice….

‘MUM! I want chocolate cereal today, alright?!’

mmm…..The beauty of sleep.

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