Bald girls are pretty too?…..


Such long beautiful hair.

When it is brushed that is. And it doesn’t happen everyday. Every second day and to be honest every third if she has a braid in.


Is it because I am lazy?


I wish, that would be such a better excuse than the one I have.

My excuse is because I am scared.

Scared of the deafening screams. Murderous screams that make me wince. I am afraid someone will hear her and call child protective services.

Hearing a knock on my door and trying to explain that I was simply brushing my daughter’s hair.

Would they believe me?

I adore her hair, so thick and golden so long I have to make sure she remembers to hold it up when at the toilet. So long she needs to move it out-of-the-way when she sits.

But such a huge hassle!

Still unhappy about having hair done.

I never want to cut it but I get so tempted and I threaten it a lot.

Bella is finally old enough to brush her own hair. Finally. At 9 years old. She once had hair like Sophie’s around the age of 3 but I had to deal with the same thing. Tantrums at brushing time.

I had cut it.

But this time I am determined to stick with it.

Until she’s 9 and able to look after it herself?


But what do I do?

I have tackled a lot of parenting issues and battles in my meagre 9 years of parenting but I have not yet mastered this.

I can not walk away from this tantrum. I am causing it.

Violet and Molly are set to follow suit. Violet complains and Molly wriggled away fiercely.

If this continues I will have to begin hair brushing on alternate days so as I am not fighting screaming children for hours on end.

The neighbours will begin to hear the pattern.

Sophie’s hair day. Violet’s hair day and so on.

This is a fight I am determined to win.

But if I get weak, as parents do sometimes…..

Bald girls are pretty too right?……


One thought on “Bald girls are pretty too?…..

  1. Stick to your guns! Be brave and strong! ha ha! I suppose you have tried different conditioners/brushes? Maybe you could put a flag out the front alerting the neighbours that it is going to be …..’s hair day so beware of the screams! I think that you are doing a fantastic job with the kids! You can look forward to Buddy and just shave his little head right from the start to avoid any problems! I think you blog is great – well done for making the effort! I suppose it helps keep you a little sane! Take care, Gwenda

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