Video ezy? Video creepy…

I had a dream last night, well its still early enough for me to almost say ‘tonight’ as I can not sleep after it. It was a creepy dream, not really a nightmare but enough to put me on edge and to give me a complete freaked out feeling.

I call these my premonition dreams.

I have them sometimes and in the past they have proved to be worth listening too.

They may be odd and out of context as dreams usually are but these ones are vivid, full of colour and most importantly of all the emotion and deep feelings which are sometimes left behind can last for days to come. This is what I listen to the most.

I have always had strong, colourful,l vivid dreams, even as a child, some reoccurring and I have found a place for each significant one in my life.

Our waking lives and our dreams are all woven together and should sometimes be taken more seriously.

Anyway my dream went as thus; I worked for the video guy. And for some reason on one particular Saturday afternoon I didn’t go to work. I don’t know why, I didn’t think of that in my dream, I just didn’t go. I was sitting with Glen at a dining table I do not recognise, in the house I lived in when he and I met. The door bell rang, I looked at Glen and he glanced out the window and said ‘Its him.’ I replied ‘Are you serious? Tell him I am not here.’ I then went to the hall way and stepped around the corner. (about a metre from the door) I stood close to the wall with my cheek pressed against it, listening to my own breath whisper by the paint. Glen opened the door. The video guy came in. I could not see his face but I could see Glen’s, he was shocked and afraid. I squeezed my eyes shut and held my breath. I could feel the video guys eyes burning into my face as Glen stammered and said ‘She’s not here.’ I heard the reply ‘I see.’ he swiftly turned walked out the door and shut it.

I began to panic asking Glen ‘what do I do?’  I came up with a sufficient lie. I told Glen that I would give it an hour then call him to apologise, saying that I had been sick and throwing up and I hadn’t noticed the time until it was too late, I was ashamed that I hadn’t called earlier to call in sick which is why I had gotten Glen to lie for me. Which I knew he knew was a lie because he’d seen me. Like a child with eyes squeezed shut pretending to melt into the wall and be invisible.

Only he didn’t give me a chance to call, I was with Glen in the garage of our current house making blue play dough. All of a sudden the video guy was there. Holding my baby who had chocolate all over her mouth. Something I had not given her. He gave her to me saying she’d been upset. I quickly started reciting my lie. ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t call you earlier, I promise I’ll be in tomorrow if I still have a job, I was sick and didn’t notice the time, I’m sorry I asked Glen to lie to you, I was ashamed.’

‘You still have a job, but if you do anything like this again I won’t take you back, be sure of it.’ His face was warped and angry full of rage and his tone meant so much more to me. I remember getting ready for work the next day wearing a blue dress, I had a horrible sense of foreboding but went anyway.

I woke up.

Now I usually go through all the possible triggers for a dream like this, was I thinking about the video guy? No. Had I been to the video shop? No. What was the last things I thought about before going to sleep last night? My messy kitchen, my unshaved legs, and that I’d eaten the last of the chocolate.

Nothing relevant to the dream I had.


Now, this person has weirded me out for quite a while, glen gets sick of me saying how ‘overly nice’ he is to me, perhaps I am not the only one, but from experience people are not THAT nice. I get discounts on my dvd rentals, if I have forgotten to take a dvd back he’ll wipe my over due fee, he gives me the specials that you usually need coupons for which I never have. He makes sure that he hops out of his office when I’m in even though there are usually two teenage girls serving just to ask how my weekend was or whats planned for the next one, he always makes sure to give my girls any kind of promotional merchandise they have at the time and let’s us pick out movie posters for free.

Very nice. But a little too much.

And now this dream. I won’t be going to the video shop alone for quite some time.

I just physically won’t be able to do it.

And speak to that man? I will most likely turn the other way and act like a rude person who didn’t hear a word. I just WON’T be able to do it. My heart will race and inside my alarms will be screaming run away!

The last time I had one of my premonition dreams was about 16 months ago about a man Glen and I were mutually friends with. He worked at the same site Glen did, Glen would come home telling me about this man, and in the end we found out that he was actually the older brother of my ex from a years ago so we invited him for a bbq. All of a sudden he would start turning up. Even when Glen wasn’t here and it made me uncomfortable. In the beginning it was just odd, we just thought he was lonely and wanted friends. But then I had my dream. I couldn’t stay in our house when I was alone with the girls, horrible feelings would crawl up my spine and there would be a huge pit in my stomach almost to the point of making me sick. I would drive aimlessly once it started getting a little dark until Glen would get home, I didn’t want to be trapped in my house. (There was a weird history with this family, that makes me think, history was to repeat itself.)

We cut off all communication with him and haven’t seen or spoken to him since I had my dream which is too much for me to write on here and relive now.

I wrote about the video guy because it’s still so fresh I’ll be thinking about it for at lest a day or so, but to bring up past dreams…I don’t think so.

The time before that was about my ex. I had numerous dreams which I’d wake from and I wouldn’t be able to even look at him or speak to him until my nerves settled sometimes longer than a day, I was simply scared. And as it turns out in the end he was quite…..pocessive shall we say.

I can say I have never had one of my premonition dreams about a woman as yet.

Only ever men.

And they have turned out to be…..undesireable men.

Everyone has instincts, and I think we should trust them. I’ve been through enough ‘incidents’ to wish I’d have listened to my body long ago. And now I do and so far I have not been wrong.

I don’t always have a dream as I mentioned I’ve only had 4-5 of my premonition dreams in the past 7 years, mostly its a strange feeling like somethings not right, or something is out-of-place. Something being said has a different meaning or not entirely truthful. Your nerves can not relax around a certain person or your just uneasy.

I hope my daughters feel this too and I know for sure I will encourage it within them, I honestly feel it has saved me from countless situations that I can do with out.

And I am going to encourage you too.

If you feel odd or out-of-place, like something is simply not right. Please just listen to it and get away from whoever or whatever it is.

It’s not going to hurt you to leave or avoid a situation.

But it may, if you choose to ignore it.


Ever felt like this???


3 thoughts on “Video ezy? Video creepy…

  1. Hi Christie

    This is so true! I too trust my instincts and listen to my dreams. Chantel gave me a huge dream book a couple of years ago – it is so interesting seeing what some of the meanings are! That is when I can remember them – if I wake up in the middle of the night with one that I want to check out in the morning – I try and write it down – because I usually forget.

    Take care, Gwenda

    1. Yeah its really interesting when you get into it. I have a couple of books too. I have a really really old one, and I don’t think its very accurate, very funny though!

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