Snow Day.

My little girls are all sick. Runny noses, grumpy, the works.

We were discussing this morning that the weather is just not right to be feeling like this.

Its hot and we’re sweaty. It’s too sunny and warm to be sick.

We couldn’t fix being sick so we decided to forecast our own weather to match our mood.

After only a ‘few’ hours and many hand cramps we finally succeeded.



Complete with brave miniature Eskimos and polar bears!

These are our snowflake sticks we made a few weeks back and we are so pleased that they match our new winter decor`

Over the next weekend, if we get the time, the girls would like to make some for their bedrooms.

Perhaps in rainbow colours.

Or maybe stars and rainbows and clouds…..

the possibilities are endless….

I’m just so glad my girls cannot read properly just yet, as I wouldn’t want to disappoint my ‘freezing’ babies, but I’d like to just inform you that our ‘snowflakes’ did nothing to decrease the temperature within our house but they do look ‘cool’

And that’s all that apparently matters to my sick little babies.



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