14 things I really like.

So I let my blog go ‘public’ 14 days ago.

And I never imagined anyone besides myself would read it. Maybe my sister if she had the chance and a few curious others.

I freaked out when I first ‘came out’ it is a little scary having people see the real you, well as real as reading the things I’ve written can be.

But anyway, here I am two weeks later and surprisingly I did not melt or burn to ashes. I’m enjoying it and I won’t be stopping now.

I thought I’d share 14 things that I like with you, on day 14 of my public blog.

1. I really like people commenting on the amount of children I have. (Not really this is a sarcastic ‘like’) They seem to want to know what my reasons are. Well I don’t have a reason. I’m not against birth control or anything. Would it be sufficient to say that I am healthy and fertile. I’ve two planned babies from five -not to bad- and well, to be honest my 3 humanly mistakes are plain to see. I love and adore each one, I won’t be putting any back if that’s what you’re suggesting and if your asking if I’d like to share, well yes on an occasional Friday night. I’d love to share!

2. I really like christmas! I can sit here right now and get excited that it is only 8 months away, it’s not that long you know! I love christmas trees, I love giving people presents, I love the look on my girls face when they open something, even an empty box! So exciting.

ME with Glen and the girls this christmas just gone.

3. I like that the 1kg tins of Milo are on special now for pre-winter stock up.

4. I like that moment when my girls all suddenly wake roughly at the same time in the morning and the happy noise begins to rise in volume.

5. I like that at night we put the girls to bed after chatting and laughing and reading stories, checking them off. One down, 3 to go and so on and slowly the happy noise begins to fade until I’m left in silence.

6. I like SLEEP! I don’t get much of it these days, and I don’t mind at all. I hold my sleep deprivation responsible for my creative mind. (Well that’s what I’M calling it.)

7. I like that I am half way through a half ‘a’ worded post (add ssed). This is actually quite difficult and not my comfortable writing zone.

No darling its not your swim suit that makes your bum look big, its your BUM that makes your bum look big!


8. I like that his is my post and I can have a weak number eight like.

9. I like my positive body image. I used to consider myself curvy, then I wanted to be hot so I called myself voluptuous, and now I’m feeling maternal, so I now have a motherly figure. Yet I am still a female so a smaller version of what I have would be welcome. You hear that fat fairies? (They’re the ones who come in the night and take the fat right out from under you, AND they leave you money. Similar to the tooth fairy you see.)

10. I like coffee, I mean I really couldn’t leave this out. It is a terrible addiction. I’m on my second cup now, and I’ve developed a bad habit of coffee while driving, if I have a bit of change on me I’ll stop and grab an iced coffee, if not I’ll make one and stick it in a travel mug. I can’t talk on the phone without one either. I actually had cravings for a good espresso during this pregnancy. So I know my son will be of good taste.

11.  I like that random people wave at me while driving. Our town is relatively small and there is one other car that looks like ours. I am assuming the woman who drives it is really popular, because I am not at all and people just keep on waving. And no it’s not because I am highly attractive, it happens when Glen’s driving too.

12.I really like it when my children fight. (Another sarcastic one) They scream at each other and occasionally being so little they act out physically. Or the other way around, one will accidentally hurt the other, then the other will fight back. Or they will be happy and then think someone did something mean and attack, or sometimes no one does anything and one of them is bored and decides to pick on another for fun….ahhh, shhh, Hush now. Like my mother always used to say ‘Keep it outside so there’s no blood on my carpet!’

13. I like everything. In a general sense this is true. And I don’t need rose-coloured glasses to appreciate the beauty I see each day (thank goodness because they’d simply look stupid on me!) We don’t realise how lucky we are, with what we have, the opportunities we’re given and the people who love us. And even when your feeling unloved look around there is always SOMEONE, and even a dog is someone if you can find no one else. And while I am in the mood of quoting people I highly respect ‘A persons a person no matter how small.’ Horton. Someone loves you. Take a look. Everything is lovely. And if you’re not as naive as me, just look really hard!

14. And finally I like my new-found reason to lose  few hours more sleep and get up insanely early. My blog. I’ve always enjoyed writing and always want to write. I just never imagined that anyone would be interested in the things that I would write. Well thanks for proving me wrong. I appreciate anyone who’s taken the time to have a scroll through.


And I apologise for this weak attempt at an interesting and stimulating read. I just wanted to mark the 14 day occasion with a specific-ish post. My little imp Violet will be 3 tomorrow so I may be posting late and most likely all about her!

Until then, stay safe, smile a heap and love everyone who deserves to be!

Have you got 14 likes you can randomly come up with?

(It’s seriously HARD!)

2 thoughts on “14 things I really like.

  1. HI Cristie

    I love reading your blogs – they are really interesting and fun! Okay here goes my 14 likes:
    1 I love my kids and especially all of my grandkids- they bring so much joy and they are all so different!
    2 I love waking up and seeing the sun shine and a beautiful new day!
    3 I love shopping – need I say more
    4 I like the new man in my life, and will be even happier if it continues! I love to be around him!
    5 I love a nice meal with a good meal and great company
    6 Walks anywhere – on the beach, through a forest, anywhere
    7 I love reading a good book – hate finishing it
    8 Love spending time with family and friends
    9 Love wondering around the Art Galleries etc – just being lost in the moment
    10 Drives into the country
    11 Flea markets
    12 Beautiful sunsets/sunrises
    13 People who are nice to me!
    14 I love life and plan to enjoy every minute (well as much as I can!)

    1. I love finding your comments! 😀 I understand number 3 completely! I really hope number 4 works out for you and number 7 I totally agree! I get so sucked into a good book, I can’t put it down, I’ll cook with the thing! I rush through it so I can find out what happens next and then, sadly I finish the last page. I think to myself ‘now what?’ Until I find another book just as good and do it all over again! 😀 Any good ones you’d suggest?

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