Things that drain my brain.

I often waste many hours on mind-boggling things. Things I just cannot let go of. They confuse me, fascinate me and sometimes plain scare me.

I figure if there were not people like me who think about things that don’t necessarily need thinking about then we wouldn’t have some of the amazing knowledge science has uncovered. I can’t think of anything specific at the moment and really only added that to make myself seem smarter, and to validate any reasons there could possibly be for me wasting precious time thinking about such things.

One thing I think about is cars.

My dream car!

Not in a manly way, the only thing I know about cars is what colour they are, and I’m not into specifics with that either, I do not look at a grey car and think ‘what a lovely shade of oyster.’ Its grey. Get over it. The important thing I think about is what happens when we are driving down a nice straight road doing 100km. My body is stationary. I am physically not moving. But I am moving. 100km per hour. Thats got to be doing something to my internal organs? Its crazy. Our bodies are being forced through space and time without actually moving. It feels wrong.

Another thing is milk.

I discovered while looking for pictures, that I am not the only one who thinks this way!

My sister and I went off milk for quite sometime when we came to the very obvious realisation that milk is a bodily fluid. A COW’S bodily fluid. How is that not disgusting? We are born and fed by our mother’s milk, we have our own babies and are encouraged to breast feed because it is so good and nutritious for our human babies. If so, then why all of a sudden do we go ‘ok, time to wean you from human milk onto cow milk?!’ Not even the same species! Plain weird. Though I would not have an ice-cold human milk for breakfast either. So perhaps we scrap the idea of milk altogether?


I am barefoot majority of the time. I get a little paranoid being pregnant. I just feel like people are looking at me thinking ‘what kind of a mother is she?! No shoes….’ despite the fact that I may be wearing gucci sunglasses and carrying a prada bag! (I would never, but I’m just saying….stereotyping.) I used to run daily barefooted, people would recognise me out of the numerous other people who ran before sunrise, because I had no shoes! (I began to wear socks.) There are people reaping millions because of their invention of ‘bare foot sandals’ and there are even shoes athletes use to simulate being bare footed. So really, I’m not being odd I am being ‘futuristic’ and it is so much cheaper than simulating the sensation of being bare footed. I currently have a pair of thong type shoes for being in public, but being barefoot is natural! Back in the day no one wore shoes, so I don’t see how we can do damage without them, that’s how we were made! Feet are our connection to the Earth, I like to ‘feel’ where I am going. I put myself at risk of serious injury every time I wear shoes, I would never be able to navigate safely around some rock pools with my girls especially with an inch of man-made substance between me and my ‘feelers’ I wouldn’t be able to feel or sense where is safe to step or not. And as adorable as those miniature baby shoes are, I never put shoes on my babies until they are established walkers, I allow them to learn how to use their feet before covering them up. My feet however are as tough as nails or ‘dogs feet’ as I say. I’d be a really good walker of coals. But anyway I think shoes are more odd than not wearing shoes. You wear shoes? Weirdo.


Let’s make this a visual. Picture yourself in your mind. Now expand your head so that it is the widest part of your body. Flatten your nose and chin so that your mouth is your most prominent feature. Next remove your teeth and neck. Now scream. (Visual….) Stop the screaming. Babies are the oddest looking things ever! Newborns I am talking about, yet somehow we have the ability to look past all these freakish qualities and see the beauty of this little alien person. A newborn babies smell, ahh there’s nothing like it. But what are we really smelling? Stale breast milk? Vomit? My babies most likely smell a little like my natural body odour too, I don’t like chemicals on my skin when breast-feeding so the close contact has got to rub off, and don’t even get me started on where that newborn actually came from……

Moving on, chickens.

That one question ‘Which came first the chicken or the egg?’ I just cannot accept that there is no answer. It is so confusing and I have pondered this many times. You cannot have a baby chicken without an egg, you cannot have an egg without a chicken….Where does it begin? I MUST know. There is not much more I can say about this topic without my mind finally shorting out after going round and round and around. If there is a god, this would be my one almighty question, which of the darn things came first for goodness sakes!?

There are so many simple yet fascinating things every where I look. I cannot explain why some things are more interesting to me than others. I’ve been asked a couple of times now how do I think of something new to write about each day, well how could I not think of something? I have too many ideas and opinions and views on just about everything. The world is a pretty interesting place to me.  And my family and children are pretty interesting to me too. Why, how, what, when and where are always on my mind and I have a need to ‘figure things out.’ Sometimes I have important things on my mind and other times little insignificant things flitter in there and I build from it, thinking about all the different angles. I never thought anyone was interested in the things I thought about, so never before have I cracked open my head and put them into words, they’ve just remained floating around.

Pretty lonely.

Well here you are thoughts….welcome to your new home!

And thank you to anyone who reads them and makes them feel appreciated and loved.

So what little things drain your brain?

(I’d appreciate any input or theories about the chicken and egg too!)

2 thoughts on “Things that drain my brain.

  1. Hey I have an answer to the chicken problem, it’s the egg, I have not known for a long time then it clicked, evaluation, before it was some bird in the jungle that got captured and used for eggs and food slowly evolving into the chicken we all know today so to answer what came before the egg and sat on it a less evolved form of the chicken, and crocodiles and alligators don’t sit on their eggs so that is an other thing to add in, maybe nothing sat on the eggs

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