My Bunny has morals

*ring* *ring*

‘Yeelllo…Easter Bunny here.’

‘Um, yeah, Easter Bunny, where are the eggs that were meant to be scattered all over my house this morning?’

‘Shesh, chill, I got church this morning man.’

‘Oh…well I see. Say Hi to the big guy for me then.’


Our tooth fairy goes to church to apparently. She simply never turned up one Sunday morning to pick up a little lost tooth. And when I called her, Yeah you guessed it. Church.

Now I’m not really into the commercialisation of every single holiday ever to exist, but I do see and enjoy the excitement it gives kids. (I am secretly a little excited for Halloween to take off, I remember watching American shows as a kid and being sooo envious!) I can honestly say that the fun and happiness of my kids is my only reason to partake in the spending of money on excessive amounts of chocolate that I KNOW will make my kids sick and possibly over weight in the future with holes in their teeth. I mean they don’t even know how chocolate eggs came to be a part of the Easter holiday (something to do with eggs being symbolic of fertility and someone smart made chocolate ones and is now sitting pretty in a mansion no doubt.) Let alone the connection between chocolate and rabbits to Jesus!

Not that I am a religious person but I would like there to be more information, so that children growing up in the world the way it is today, can know every aspect and therefore are able to form their own opinions on everything holy. But how can they when all they see is CHOCOLATE……EVERYWHERE. I have no doubt that someday there will be religious groups solely dedicated to the very delicious entity that is the chocolate bunny!

I’d probably join that group.

So I briefly mention to my Bunny that Monday morning would be convenient for an Easter egg drop off, Glen will be home and I will have an extra set of hands to catch the sugar rushed children who’ll be jumping from chandeliers. He was ok with that, I think my Bunny is a little too relaxed sometimes. However, despite my opinions on church I admire his dedication.

My Bunny has morals. I like that.

He skipped on an egg drop off which he must wait 12 months for just to go show his eternal love and appreciation to a god that may or may not exist.


Personally I think he was to busy smoking……..



And at least once today try to give thanks to Jesus and the lord for all the delicious chocolate they have provided!

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