Me stressed? NEVER!

Don’t listen to the title, I’m as stressed as much as a mother of 4 children with nothing to do, 9 weeks away from giving birth, with an entire wedding to plan, not to mention 7 people to pack for a 5 week holiday, whose either had too much coffee or simply not enough!

Only a tad, in other words.

Where to start with this vent???

I cannot even think clearly!

I think I have complained enough about school holidays already and my girls are slowly adjusting to the nothingness I live with daily. Well Bella is. Welcome to the real world baby!

So pregnancy hormones…there’s a brilliant excuse if I ever heard one, for just feeling plain snappy. I feel like I’m wound so tight I can hear a *ping* every time I have to answer a question I have no time for. Holding my tongue is getting a little harder. And I think I take a deep breath before I speak to anyone to avoid being plain rude.

Wedding! Argh, I had so much trouble trying to simply write and print out our invites today I was muttering words that made ME blush! Its only the third time I’ve had to go through the process, first time was exciting, second time was considered ‘making adjustments’ third time is plain annoying. We were originally having a very tiny intimate wedding, practically parents and siblings, but then Glen and I started to become paranoid thinking our families would hate us or think we’d left them out for negative reasons. So we made changes and now are having more people coming, not that we mind but it means, well….. more changes.

More changes for me!

I ask Glen for an opinion or help and I get a sigh and an ‘Im not sure.’

GRRRRR….I didn’t ask me to marry me! YOU asked me to marry YOU, so come on?!

So what does an over stressed pregnant, bridzilla, mother of 4 do?

I went to my room.

I locked my door.

I sat on the end of my bed in the cool air for a moment, maybe two.

I pulled out my simple little wedding dress and chucked it on.

I let out my hair and put in my bridal earrings.

I did a few graceful twirls in front of the mirror. Well as graceful as a whale can get!

I took off my engagement ring and checked it out properly, like I did the day it was given to me.

And my balance came back.

I remember what it’s all for.

Because I love my children, I love my fiance` and I miss and love my family back home.

I put my ring back on, took my dress off, threw my hair back up and carefully tucked away my earrings.

I left the cool of my room and into the heat to find 4 little girls happily playing with the little faces I’d drawn on each of their fingers earlier.

And I forgot what I was so stressed about.

I’m not a very stressful person but at least in times when I am, I am reminded that I am merely human.

And for a human to act human is normal right?


5 thoughts on “Me stressed? NEVER!

    1. Aww! Thanks heaps! If I could do it all and NOT be stresed then I may consider myself superwoman…hmm no I’d be in a coma if I coud do it all with no stress 😀 lol Thank you again tho!

  1. Hi Cristie – I think that you are doing an amazing job with everything! Especially being pregnant, having 4 (or is it 5) kids to keep happy and trying to organise a wedding from a distance! Please let me know if there is anything you want help organising – I am more than happy – feel I have been a bit slack in that dept! I promise I will get the ceremony to you this week – I am away until Sunday aftn – but then I will make it my mission to get the first draft of the ceremony done! Take care, deep breathe, you’re doing a great job!

    1. Thank you! Its not so bad, Think I’m throwing on the drama queen act, just occasionally I get overwhelmed and annoyed. I just need to keep in mind not to write or dwell too much on the little things that get to me. (I’ll try, lol but know I probably will still do it) I will let you know if I need any help. I think its all sorted really. I’ve never had a wedding to plan before so I think its more of an uncertainty about doing it right.
      Thanks again though Its nice to get a bit of positive encouragement sometimes 😀

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