I heart books!

I love books so much. I may not show it in the way my books are kept. Well some of them.

I admit I need a book shelf. Occasionally I go through my books just to look at them. I would call this more of a collection. As I don’t have one topic I read about, I read everything and books in general amaze me. I have many favorites and at the moment I am reading these two-

I am struggling to finish either one at the moment. I bought Eat Pray Love to fill in time while waiting for the final book in a series called Earth’s Children to come out. I like Eat Pray Love and think its well written and funny, but because I have seen the movie I kind of feel like I know whats going to happen so I cannot get sucked in. I then bought Cross stitch as it is the first of a series my mum ALWAYS goes on about so I thought I’d try it. And the stress of trying to read two at once and the fact that I’m trying to rush so I can go and buy the book I really want to be reading (it’s already out, but I’ll feel like I’ve quit if I don’t finish these first!) ((I know for a fact I’ll cave!)) It’s too much.

I feel very proud of myself because I’ve now got Glen reading too. And he actually found that he enjoys it!


He’s read a few others but these are what I could pull out of my ‘book shelf’ I bought him 1000 hour day as a present. I still remember it. I called him while out and said I’d bought him a present and he sounded so excited. I got home and gave it to him, a big hunk of a book, planted right in his eager palms.

‘Its… a… book….???’

Well it’s not a muffler or some other manly thing you wanted that’s for sure! Yes my darling a book. It took a while but he finally picked it up and began to read it, probably thinking I’d have hurt feelings if he didn’t. He was so happy and proud when he finished it he went out and bought himself another two. Currently he’s reading the one with the pretty book mark. he he he.

The beauty of daughters who give practical gifts.

I also realised how much I love kids books, once I had kids to buy kids books for.  I love them more than my kids do, the bright colourful artworks, the cute little secret lessons kids don’t even know they are learning. I wish I could find someone who’d write colourful, art filled story books for adults!

(Hmm… perhaps I could!?)

But these are some of our old favorites –

These are ratty and so old. I really should find new copies. These books are read at least twice a week, ‘I love you stinky face’ was Sophie’s favorite from when she was about 12 months old, we’d read it every night and any moment I’d sit she’d climb up on my lap with it. I didn’t think I’d mind when she grew out of it, but I find that now that she’s getting older its me who pulls it out.

These are some new favorites.

These are almost considered favorites.

One kids book I have always adored is Olga the Brolga.

Here’s why –

The artwork is so beautiful and the story to match it is great.

It hasn’t got a cover anymore so this is one I REALLY need to replace and perhaps put away for my girls to keep for when they are mum’s themselves.

Another I love is ‘I won’t say please’ I’d read this one over and over to the kids I worked with in the pre-school,  pretty much because I thought their manners were shocking but also because it can be told so theatrically, and kids zip it and listen as hard as they can.

I think books are the best thing since sliced bread!

I think EVERYONE should be reading. Especially kids, they learn better, they speak better, they have a better grasp on vocabulary and pronunciation, spelling, reading and not to mention opening up a whole world of imagination stimulating scenarios.

I have a few others in my collection that I’ll share simply because I think they are interesting or mean something to me.

These are almost my bibles

I flip through them whenever I think to do so. Beautiful art and the artists behind it. These books give me ideas and inspiration in all kinds of ways.

Check these out!

So amazing! And the attention to detail!…They are almost like photos. Which is maybe why I like it so much, fantastical, magical things almost real.

These three are but a small part of the dream and dream deciphering books I’ve collected over the years purely because it fascinates me. I think dreams are more important than we realise. Our minds creating images and emotions that can be so overwhelming at times….It just can’t be a pointless in flight movie to pass the time while asleep, can it?…

Another thing that interested me at a few points in my life, and surely will again is-  MAGIC.

The red book complete with velvet cover has beautiful photography in it, I bought it back as a teenager perhaps in the hopes of magically transforming my life into the perfect little world. I’m glad none of it worked, not that I ever did get my hands on some of the odd ingredients needed.

The pictures are pretty though. I’ll never get rid of it mainly because it reminds me of naive teenage days.

The second one I bought only a few years ago simply because I kept seeing this old woman in the shopping centre and she was stunningly beautiful. She had almost white waist length hair, wavy as you’d imagine a witches to be, she wore purple crystals around her neck and tonnes of silver vintage jewellery. Her eyes were so deep and mystical she demanded the attention of everyone who walked by. She was captivating.I decided she was a witch, a very fascinating one, so I figured someday I’d like to be ‘captivating’  like that.

I bought the book, read the first page and put it down. Apparently still naive. But it reminds me of that lady and how awe-inspiring she was. I never spoke to her, and only ever passed her by but she had an effect on me. Goes to show that some people don’t even need words to have an impact.

Some people just radiate.

I even have books on HOW to write books.

I bought this because some day I’d like to continue on with my great aunts book. She wrote a book about her family history, how her entire family was created by one amazing or crazy woman who was my great, great-grandmother. My own grandmother was the last of 13 children her mother died while giving birth to her and she was sent away to be raised by her aunt. She was then stolen back by her elder sister one morning while playing with her doll on the front porch at the age of three. She’d help her sisters wash clothes in the river and all 13 of them had specific roles in the house because all their father knew how to do was work and earn a living. This is so interesting to me. Only two generations ago, stealing motherless children and washing clothes in rivers!

I would never have known any of this without books, without my great aunts book. Bella was only briefly mentioned in her book as I was still pregnant with her, so I’d like to keep it going someday when I am old and grey and add all my girls, my sisters daughter and any further children my sister or brother may have, hopefully I can add a pile of grandchildren’s names to the ranks as well. AND tell all the tales we will create along the way.

Ok now onto the jewel.

I found this odd little book years ago in a second-hand shop.

I bought it as a giggly teenager thinking how funny it was, but sadly I must not have matured much because when I do stumble back across it, I still have a little giggle.

This was first published in Australia in 1983. A whole year before I was born. Here I was thinking people were more conservative about these things back then!

And obviously those ‘other’ discoveries about sex are not as recent as the cover claims.

Some of the helpful advice it contains is as follows –

(you can click on the pictures to see them larger if you’d like.)

The virginity progress chart, and who doesn’t need that?!

Explains itself.

This also, I think, explains itself.

But my favorite bits have to be on how babies are made.

Clearly I have been doing it very wrong!

But it goes to show that no matter whats in a book, someone will be interested.

And sadly if no one is interested then that means…

I probably will be!

Happy reading!

One thought on “I heart books!

  1. Hi Christie – I love books too! Always have – congratulations on finally getting Glen to read! The boys had a couple of really good books – I think one was called Wombat Stew and the other one I’ll have to see if I still have it – it had beautiful poetry and illustrations in it. Keep up the good work!

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