Now I’ve done it!

Well I feel like a big fat liar right now!

Or perhaps I have jinxed myself.

Yes that’s it, I’ve jinxed myself.

I did feel like I bragged a little too much about my girls great behaviour in the post I published yesterday, but I felt to get the right perspective on how well-behaved ‘non’ spanked children can be that I emphasised their particular behaviour well.

While not perfect, certainly far from naughty.

Well as I type right now Violet is throwing a massive tantrum.

Over a shoe.

And yesterday in crazy clarks she put on the works! She’d picked up a toy and when she’d done looking at it she threw it on the ground, I nicely asked her to pick it up and put it back. She stared at me. ‘Please Violet pick it up and put it back, you can’t just throw something on the ground when you don’t want it.’ Staring at the ground. ‘Violet. Pick it up and put it back now.’


Oh my freaking god! Are you serious?! If I weren’t an hour from my home I would have raced to the computer to completely delete any trace of anything I’ve ever said about good behaviour.

So what happened? Well I took Violet by the hand and picked up the toy, I marched her right back to where it came from and made her put it back, all the while she was tugging and pulling against me. I then told her she needed to come and hold the pram because I couldn’t trust her to walk around on her own.


Then she sat herself down in front of the check-outs and let out a quick ear piercing squeal (its her trademark thing) and sulked. I calmly as possible told her ‘Thats fine if you want to sit there. I’ll be over here ignoring you. Just remember I am not the only person who can see you.’ She quickly glanced around and jumped up. However she refused to hold the pram and made sure she stayed out of my sight. I had to keep calling ‘Make sure you can see me Violet because you WILL get lost.’ I’d see her head pop from around the end of the aisle and as soon as she’d see me, see her, she’d pop back behind the shelving.

I had one man comment as he walked by ‘Someones having a bad day.’

A lady who worked at crazy clarks said ‘There’s always got to be one.’ Which I replied, ‘One outta 4’s not bad.’ Which I really did mean. Bella, Sophie and Molly thank goodness were great.

(Violet has since come out of her room and said ‘Sorry mummy, I’ll be good now.’)

So while I still totally disagree with what I saw that woman do to her own child, I do see that everyone has an opinion on the raising of children.

I left like a huge fraud the moment Violet decided to turn on the drama queen act.

I honestly think I’ve done it now.

Jinxed myself good and well.

I guess that’s the beauty of unconditional love!

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