Come, join me for a stroll down my roof.

There are two perfectly logical reasons why I would hold a mirror under my nose.

  1. To ensure that I am still breathing, and before you ask, yes, this is sometimes necessary.
  2. So I can walk on my roof.

If you have never done it, try it today!

All you need is a small mirror and yourself. Hold the mirror under your nose and walk.

A whole new world. A surprisingly ‘clean’ clutter free world. Just remember to turn off ceiling fans as we do not want to chop ourselves off at the ankles.

One thing to keep in mind is that this new clean upside down world has ‘invisible force fields’ you may not see something in front of you but all of a sudden you may run into a very solid object. Just like in life you’ll need to feel your way around it, climb it or possibly force your way through.

But you’ll get there.


This is a terribly addictive thing to do and some day I hope to take this…new way of living, if you will, outside my house I think the park or botanical gardens would be a beautiful place to give it a try. I adore big old beautiful trees, but they are always so much more spectacular when standing right at the base of one looking up into the sunshine filtering down through it all.

I may also do this in a shopping centre, imagine all that free clear space nothing to see for such long stretches, however I know that the force fields in a space like this will be full on and a lot of skill will be needed to negotiate it all but I’ll keep up the walking of my roof and once I feel my skills are honed in enough I may give it ago.

Seriously turning your world upside down sometimes is the best thing.

Our lives are turned upside down all the time by unexpected circumstances and situations, but being in control and doing it yourself puts a different perspective on everything! Looking at the top half of the world we live in every single day is such a spin out and a lot of fun.

Living in a uspide down world is appreciating everything in a new way.

Sometimes much more beautiful.

The stars at night, the birds by day.

And the best thing about holding a mirror under your nose?

No crick in the neck trying to see what you’ve been missing!


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