Trailers are awesome!!!!!! And so are new babies.

I just said to Glen ‘You asked for it’ He shoved me aside so he could write ‘Trailers are awesome!!!!!!’ Which is not the topic of the post I wanted to write today BUT because he has insisted I will therefore mention his stupid trailer!

He read the word ‘stupid’ over my shoulder.

Well it’s not a ‘smart’ trailer?!

He picks up his trailer tomorrow. We had decided to get one for our trip home as we have to take our two little and very expensive dogs home with us. They themselves will be treated to a $900 holiday!



Maybe I’ll trade with them? They can stay in a townhouse with 4 children, while I get pampered and given treats daily in a pet resort.

win win situation!

Anyway Trailer, oh my how could I get so easily distracted from the blessed trailer??

It is a box with wheels, that is my opinion. I understand the NEED for one but the excitement that it can bring one man is incredible. I guess I was excited that I’d finally bought our wedding bands and talked about that a bit, which is a talent as really rings don’t have many ‘features’ or ‘extras’ to go on about for hours.

Images like this have been filling Glen’s dreams for the past who knows how many months! He has endless facts and uses for this trailer, he tells me about them continuously.

Even now I am struggling to write anything about it!

And I am sorry I have to do this to anyone reading.

Now this excites me –

I will admit that there is not much to say about them except that I can’t wait to be able to wear mine and not have to take it off. But these symbolize a lifetime of happiness with the man I love.

Or perhaps they symbolize a lifetime of trailer talk?

I guess I should be happy. It was my responsibility to get the rings and his to get the trailer.

I got the rings and the trailer is on its way. So that’s two things checked off our huge to-do list before heading home next month.


But what I wanted to write about today was my baby boy!


We had an ultrasound yesterday, he’s a big baby, big and very healthy. He is still a boy, which we had slight doubts about. We had already been told he was a boy but having so many girls after the excitement wore off a little the doubts started setting in….what if?…..Just in case……

But no, Buddy still has all the necessary parts to be called a boy!

Here he is –

What a face! We can already see he has his daddy’s big lips. I can’t wait to meet him!

So this post didn’t go according to plan, but not much ever does.

It doesn’t mean it’s not as good just different.

So now that I have written about Buddy, and successfully made Glen paranoid with what he is imagining I’ve written about his beloved trailer, I shall go and clean my never-ending mess of a house.

Have a beautiful day!

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