A day for mothers!

(Glen helped me out with an idea for a pregnancy shoot, turns out that we’re a pretty good team! Here’s a few I like)Mother’s day for me comes and goes relatively quickly. In the rush of excited kids giving me random bits and pieces they’ve made or found or were already mine just wrapped in printer paper and given back to me.

But it IS the thought that counts and I know A LOT of thought goes into these little things.

Which shows me I am after all loved and appreciated.

Bella is usually in a fluster and harassing me to help her make some kind of fancy breakfast for myself and Sophie saying Happy Mother’s day one million times.

I don’t get tired of the cuddles and I love you’s though.

This year I gave Bella some money so she’s picked me out a couple of things from the mother’s day stall at school, and Glen asked me if I had ordered the book I have been wanting and waiting for over a year. So I am 100% sure I’ll be getting my book.

But I am not too fussed with the presents. I do adore the happiness it brings the girls to think they’ve done something special for me.

I do look forward to the slight sleep in.

Mother’s day for me is a day when I think about the amazing abilities our bodies have. Becoming a mother our body and mind goes through some amazing changes and does some amazing things.

Growing a new person?!

That is pretty awesome.

And then to feed and nurture that little person with that same body?!


Being big and pregnant on Mother’s day this year is pretty special. It reminds me of the miracle of life and that I can proudly say that I have been a part of that miracle more than once.

Being a mum is a great honour and a job I take very seriously. I feel special and proud to know that I can help shape these little people into new adults.

New adults with new fresh ideas, new adults who, if they choose, may change the world. And if not change the world then perhaps change the world of just one person.

I know for sure they will bring a lot of love, laughter and happiness to many.

They each have certainly changed my world and I only hope I can show them and let them learn and experience as much as they can.

My own mum was not the same kind of mum I am, but I can credit her with giving me the freedom to choose my own path, my own mind and my own thoughts. She has helped me become the person I am, and I will always be grateful for that. She inspires me to be free and laugh, she inspires me to allow my girls the freedom to make mistakes and correct them on their own. My mum is a free soul and I hope to be able to capture some of that in the way I parent.

So on this Mother’s day I ask you to forget about the pretty little things you may or may not get and step back, have a close look at the little people you have made, or the big people you have guided.

Give yourself a pat on the back for your creations.

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers who inspire me and help me to be the mother I am.

And don’t forget to say ‘Thanks’ to the woman or women who have guided you to be who you are!



Great mum’s I know-

Naomi, Nicole, Gwenda, Evril.

You do such brilliant jobs, you’ve helped create people I adore, and are inspiring me in the way I raise my own.

Thank you!


3 thoughts on “A day for mothers!

  1. Thought your post was spot on Cristie! One of the most beautiful experiences I have had in my life is being pregnant, giving birth (alright not the actually birth maybe?), breastfeeding and then watching my two gorgeous boys turn into great young men. Everyone has their ups and downs when they raise their kids – you can only do the best with the knowledge that you have and keep everything crossed that it works out okay! I think that most mothers know in there heart what is right and wrong for their kids – sometimes it can be a struggle – but there isn’t a more rewarding experience on this earth! And as you say – it is totally awesome to think that you have created this new human being and nuturing it – totally amazing.

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