Photo Albums

Photos are so precious to me. They capture moments that I sometimes forget. At the time of taking a photo you never think on it too deeply but when you look back years later you’re grateful to have that memory because sometimes you can’t even remember whatever it was happening at that time until you’ve been reminded by that one picture.

I don’t have many pictures from my own childhood, just a few I’ve picked up off my mum here and there, my girls however will have thousands by the time they are old enough to care about photos.

One thing I love about photos is that they are always taken at good times.

Bad times stay in our minds far too long so there is no need for physical evidence of those times, but sadly for some reason good times don’t seem to stick as much. So I am grateful for the few good time photos I have from growing up and glad that I can capture every tiny insignificant ‘good time’ for my girls so if they ever have a ‘bad time’ they can look back and know for sure the good outweighed the bad. 

Here are is a look at my album! And a few stories I am sure. My parents with me.Bathtime.

I love this little pic. Those are the kind of swimmers I would buy for my kids now, they’ve done a full circuit from being fashionable, to ok, to shameful, to retro cool. And my mum’s cute spotty pregnant belly in the background, I figure my sister was not far away.I don’t remember this, but as it is a picture of me, who has obviously done her own hair, sitting in front of a birthday cake I guess it was my birthday! My little sister Nicole and I in a pre-school portrait.I’ve been told I was a pain in the butt as a kid but my parents went a little far trying to get rid of me. Taking me to Fraser island under the pretence of a ‘family holiday’ only to try to get a dingo to eat me?! Uncalled for.I used to love this as a kid, we’d whip out the tarp with holes down the side -pretty much the idea- anytime it was slightly hot, and dad or my uncle would fling us so hard and fast we’d skid down the lawn. I know why they did it, to laugh their heads off at us when we got up with grassy wedgies!!!

This was our horse Charlie brown, he was never brown. We’d ride him around our house yard or my grandmother’s yard which was up the road. He was so old, he’d snort and you either had to walk or gallop, trotting caused him to exhale ‘wind’ from his back-end with every step. Embarrassing enough for him, but worse for the rider.My dad and me at our farm, we’d go there to check on the cattle, or to camp. My mum’s attempt to dress me as either a miniature spanish dancer or a belly dancer, I am not sure. I just pray that I did not dress myself like that.

My sister Nicole and I were occasionally a good team. I’d help her to ‘reach’ the wet clothes then I would stand on a chair under the clothesline while she handed me clothes. I don’t remember it very clearly but if it was anything like the way we’d wash dishes together, it must have been fun to watch and not so fun to listen to. We’d be taking out our anger at doing household chores on each other VERY verbally. The arrival of Matto, my little brother. Can I just state the obvious here? Besides my mother, everyone else looks like they’ve just come from a funeral. My sister and I must have discussed on more than one occasion the ‘joy’ a baby brother would bring to our family.I don’t even need the photo to remind me of how my mum would try to dress Nicole and myself the same. Not cool mum, never was and never will be. I am the one who looks really inpressed….oh we both look like that. Well I am the one looking at the camera thinking ‘What have you done to me?!’Me at about 7 or 8 babysitting my brother and twin cousins. I nurtured my parenting skills young! If I could multi-task at 8 I can surely do it now!My back yard. My house is in the distance there by the cow on the left. To the right about 15 minutes walk I’d take my horse Shelby with a back pack full of hay, a sandwich and fruit for myself and have picnics with her by the little creek, imagining I was like that boy in ‘never ending story’ eating by the pretty river with his white horse. (Shelby was white too.) I loved living here. So much freedom to roam around. I gained my love of the beautiful, intelligent creatures that are cattle from my dad. He may not be good with people but he has always been good with animals. My sister and I up to no good at one of our dad’s work christmas parties, I think I was about 13 and my sister 11, we’d replaced all the empty beer bottles into the tub everyone was drinking from, only we’d filled them with water. We thought we were so clever and hilarious only no one picked up on it. They were probably curious about the lack of hang-over the following day however.Family christmas one year…this is my dad’s side of the family, see how happy everyone is? It’s a trademark thing. Thats my dad I have my hand on, clearly not impressed. ‘Happy?’ ‘Merry?’ Christmas to you to!

Me in Indonesia with Ipah the nursemaid/nanny on the left and I can’t remember the other ladies name, she was lovely though, she was the housemaid. We stayed with a friend of the family who was a professor in a university in Jakarta. It was an eye opening place for me. Dirty but I liked it.My sister and I in a canoe. I can’t remember where though. I do remember that we paddled up that river so far, so peaceful and relaxing. I need to get a canoe. My sister and I getting ready to go for a nighttime stroll down King’s Cross in Sydney. I was 3 months pregnant and our Dad had taken us for a holiday. Now is it only me, or does it seem inappropriate to be taking a 3 month pregnant 16-year-old for a stroll down Kings Cross? Maybe I am not as ‘open’ as I thought I was, at the time I didn’t think about it, but now I think…what the? Anyway, one of the few pics of my sister and myself so I treasure it.Possibly the reason my dad is dissapointed in me? His car that I totalled. Thankfully no one was hurt. The police did not beleive I was the driver as they said the driver should have been killed. The roof above my head was crushed to within half an inch of my head, the front pushed up should have decapitated me and my side window was shattered by my HEAD! We landed on the drivers side after rolling 3-4 times down the bank to the left. It was the scariest thing in my life. Flashbacks in the last moments of life DO occur and it is true that the one you love most is your last memory. Bella was in my mind. Then all was still and dark. I opened my eyes.

If ever there were a time when I beleived in something ‘more’ it was on that day.

I was given another chance and I am so grateful.

Moving on!My baby Bella with my mum 9ish months pregnant with my baby brother Riley and her mum, my grandmother Grace.

My mum, Violet has her eyes.

My little brother Riley and Bella practically spend their first year together. I miss him so much, he feels almost more like a son than a brother to me. There is only 3 months and 3 weeks between them, Bella being the older one. When my mum and I went out together, people thought that they were my twins. We got so many weird looks trying to explain that I was the mum of Bella and my mum was Riley’s mum and that Riley was in fact Bella’s uncle.

confusing?Then Gracie came along. My baby sister. Bella’s aunt.They are all very close despite not seeing each other much.Team Terror!Just Bella and me. For so long. We had a ball! (I was 20 weeks with Sophie in this pic.)She was such a cutie, spoilt rotten and very loved. Still is, but now she has to share!Pregnant with Sophie. Not long before I had her.Sophie Eloise 04.01.2007I was very proud of this christmas. I did it all on my own.And then there was Violet Amelia 15.04.2008

Then we met Glen.Glen with Bella, Sophie and Violet.Our new family.6 months pregnant with Molly.About to pop with Molly!

Glen and me with Molly very new.


I don’t have many more family pictures from before I had kids and got old enough myself to care about taking pictures. I do have so many more little bits and pecies that fit in between the later pictures. So many moments and memories that I never want to forget. This is but a very small part of my life in a kind of order from childhood to present. I can’t wait for next month as I know I will have a whole new photo album from a mere 6 week period.

I’ll be snapping away when we meet up with family and loved ones again. We’ll have beautiful wedding shots and of course newborn baby pics.

I take a picture almost everyday and I know some day as excessive as I sometimes feel I may get with picture-taking I’ll be happy to have every single one.

So yes, if my house were on fire, besides my children I would take my albums, or perhaps just my external hard drive.

Thank you technology for making my load a whole lot lighter!

Get out your cam and capture something!

One thought on “Photo Albums

  1. These are some great pictures. The highlights of our life story, no? I lost so many pics in a bad relationship; they’re probably still in the basement of a falling-down house in southern Indiana. But for my wedding my mom gave me one of her early photo albums, from when my sis & I were little. I found a pic that at first I thought was me, and then I realized it was my mom, holding me as a baby. My favorites here are you in the bathtub with your kewpie doll ‘do, and the look on you & your sis’s faces with your new baby brother. Love that!

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