Edward Bloom Syndrome.

For those of you who have not seen ‘Big Fish’……well I suggest you do.

I can almost 100% honestly say it is my favorite movie. It is such a magical movie, heart-warming and touching.

For those who haven’t seen it, Edward Bloom is the main character.

He feels he is a big fish trapped in a small pond. I sometimes feel like that. This is what I call the Edward Bloom syndrome. In his quest to find a ‘bigger pond’ he falls in love.

With a girl he sees for only a moment, in a crowded circus tent, whom he knows not a single thing about.

He works in the magical circus free of charge with his only payment being a single fact about his love. He does not even learn her name for months.

He does some amazing things, witnesses some amazing things and meets some amazing people.

The magical, mysterious events that take place make me think that anything can happen.

This is the kind of movie where even the freaks are natural wonders and those who are different are all welcome.

The best part about this movie is that it is all a story told by a father to a son. A story that is considered a tall tale. Until the day when the son realises that while the truth may have been stretched a little, it still all was the truth.

Again to anyone who has not seen this movie. You really, really should.


Like Edward Bloom I sometimes I feel like I’ve run out of growing room. Big fish, small pond. And that I need more. But I do have so much and the beauty of everyday can be told in such a way that is magical, it just depends on how you look at things. I try to see the world as the magical place it is.

The glow that comes from BEHIND the clouds, not the clouds themselves.

The satisfying scratch CAUSED by an annoying itch.

So for now I’ll be happy with flapping around in a puddle.

And while I wait for magic to happen, I think I just might watch my favorite movie…..again.


Whats your favorite movie and why?

6 thoughts on “Edward Bloom Syndrome.

  1. Haven’t seen the movie Cristie – but will definetely look out for it – sounds great! One of my favourite movies is Pretty Woman – I suppose it’s that fantasy thing – ordinary girl can meet rich, attractive man and fall in love! But I also love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and the music!

  2. I like Big Fish too! I don’t see nearly enough movies. I loved The King’s Speech this year, and also I got to watch Precious on the plane a couple months ago. Two all-time favorite though from when I was a kid are Breakfast Club and The Outsiders.

    1. I love it, I didn’t end up watching it again though, I’ll have to soon. It always perks me up. Another that was similar was route 66…I think thats what it was. Not as good I guess, it hasn’t stuck with me. I watch far too many movies now a days. 😛

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