Dreaming of home.

Its getting closer to going home time.

It’s about two and three quarter years since we moved away from everyone close to us. And we haven’t seen our family for over 12 months now.

Far too long.

I remember the excitement of first leaving my home to come and live where I am now, and how I was also a little afraid. It was a 5 day trip with 3 little girls, it was stressful and not very fun and half way here I was thinking ‘what have I done?’ But once we got here and settled in, furniture put in its place and boxes unpack I thought it was awesome. 

Until 5 weeks later, home-sickness settled in. But I got over it and moved on. We’ve had two trips home since leaving. One to have Molly and two to fix our car which I had smashed a spotlight on while a week off giving birth. (Very weak excuse but it WAS an excuse.)

To me family is the most important thing. As different and as unique as my family may be they are still the most important thing. We’ve never been terribly close which I think was why it was so easy for me to leave. But now being away for so long the little things that usually would annoy me don’t matter as much. I can’t wait until we move home permanently which is our ultimate goal.

My girls are missing out on grandmas and pops and uncles and aunts and their little cousin. I’ve missed sharing a pregnancy with my sister and now I’m missing my only niece growing up. I’d have loved for our girls to be as close as sisters.

We’ve missed family Bbq’s, birthdays, births, Glen and I have had no time alone since we left. No babysitters, no Nanna’s popping over to bath a new baby or play ball with a big one. No aunties picking up nieces to do a spot of shopping no uncles giving piggy back rides and lolly pops.

I miss it.

And my girls are missing out.

This is not my home and I’ll never accept it as home. It is just a place I live in and if it were only me I would never have unpacked a single box.

I was born in Coffs Harbour, it is my home.

5 weeks to go.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of home.

  1. ahhh mum hahahahaha He doesn’t dig, he changes tyres…hahaha got any BIG ones laying around?…It is so hard because I CAN NOT leave Glen. But I so want to go home. He does too though so we’re both in the same boat, just a tinsy bit harder for me because there isn’t anything stopping me from just packing up and going and I am trying so hard to fight my natural insticnts…being to ‘do what makes me happy.’ Glen makes me happy, home makes me happy. Stupid world. 😀

  2. Hi Cristie – know exactly how you feel! Trouble is alot of people take family for granted – until something happens, or like yourself move away. That’s why it’s so important to keep in touch as much as possible! Hopefuly one day, not too far away you will be back home where you have love and support and we can all spoil the girls and buddy when he comes along. I know how much I have missed not being able to be involved more closely with all of the kids – it has been very hard – but we all have to do what is best for us and make the most of every day!

  3. Wow… love it. and i completely understand how your feeling and why your home sick. i am the exact same way! i miss everything and everyone down on the Gold Coast!!! I never thought i would but we do.. i think it is more the fact that we have kids and that they are also the ones that are missing out on so much…. i cant wait to get home… 4 months is our count down 🙂

    1. Lucky you! I’m glad we’re going home to visit and I won’t take my 5 weeks for granted, I just can’t wait until it’s forever. We won’t be going home again until we buy and move for good. It costs us so much just to visit 😦

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