What little girls can do to grown men.

  1. When asked to buy band-aids while shopping he makes sure they feature either Dora the Explorer or Winnie the Pooh or picks up both. Just to be on the safe side.
  2. His bedside drawer full of motorbike magazines, has slowly become over run by pretty drawings of flowers and hand drawn fathers day cards.
  3. He now has learned that accepting a slobbered on piece of food, hand fed to his mouth, makes his girls smile just that little wider.
  4. He can say things like ‘that’s so pretty.’ Or ‘beautiful!’ without even realising it while on the phone, mid conversation to his boss.
  5. The occasional chocolatey surprise picked up on the way home from work not only wins over the lady of his life but also the little princesses.
  6. Sitting in the middle of the kitchen on the floor is a guaranteed way to get hugs; Especially when offering grapes or lychees to share.                                                                                         
  7. His tough man-swearing turns to ‘shoot’ ‘fudge’ and ‘sugar honey ice teas.’ Whenever little ladies are present.
  8. He now wears flannie jammies because he shouldn’t have his ‘boobies’ hanging out in bed.
  9. He has a nice knuckle tan from being the primary pram pusher.
  10. He has bought more animated kids movies than he has seen action movies. In his lifetime.
  11. He knows how to brush hair and apply an ok looking hairstyle without feeling less masculine.
  12. He is beginning to understand the necessity of the perfect outfit for a little girl and not just ‘chuck something on.’ (Tantrums arise otherwise.)
  13. He knows that not all emotional outbursts have a reason.
  14. He’s getting used to stopping at almost every public toilet on route to wherever he’s going.
  15. Tantrums over shoes, headbands, jackets, dolls and doors are normal.

It amazes me everyday of what a little girl can do to a grown man.

For a man stuck in a house with 5 ladies and 2 female dogs to boot, he’s doing very well. He is as manly a man as I’ve ever known. Only sensitive and gentle. We can all look to him to care and make us smile. He provides for us to the best of his capabilities and never makes us feel like a burden. He’s always prepared for a hug and ‘I love yous’ flow back and forth all day!

Watching the little girls race to meet him when he gets home screaming ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ Never gets old.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful, strong man in our life. A man I’ve seen so angry because someone made our girls cry. A man I’ve seen near to tears because he couldn’t get a day home to look after me while sick. A man who laughs and smiles like nothing else matters when playing games with the girls.

We cannot offer him anything except to make his lunch for work, make sure his clothes are clean, have a hot dinner for him when he gets home, smiles and cuddles in abundance when he’s had a bad day.

We tell him he’s loved and more importantly we show him.

So I guess we’re not the only lucky ones.

He’s pretty lucky too!

One thought on “What little girls can do to grown men.

  1. Cristie – that is so beautiful! I can tell you that all Glen has ever wanted in his life was for someone to love him and to have a family – he now has both. I think that you are all very lucky to have each other! As a mum, I couldn’t be happier for all of you! I can’t wait to see all of you in just over 3 weeks. I will be so honoured to marry you both and be a part of such a special day! Take care, keep enjoying and loving each other – it is one of the most precious gifts that you can have!

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