Best little girl movies EVER. ~in my opinion~

  1. Besides Toy Story freaking kids out to the point of obsessively ‘caring’ for their toys just incase they decide to pull an exorcist head move,  it is my number one!
  2. I am tossing up between Despicable Me and The Shrek movies. But I am going with Shrek for number two. He’s the biggest ugliest green guy I’ve ever seen, yet sensitive and kind, and a good dad. He’s given every slightly green large man with a bad complexion, strange pets and only one outfit a chance. Good on you!
  3. It’s obviously Despicable Me. It is so funny! I love the accent Steve Carrell assigned to the character. I mean was that planned? Who thought of that? Those little girls are adorable and you just love to hate Vector! To think he became a super villan to make his mother proud goes to show we’re all striving for acceptance. And the best way to get it is to love, and love well.
  4. Tangled. Such a cute movie. It gets spot four because I am trying not to be biased. I actually would have put this at number one but I know I’ll have to watch it another 10 million times before I can judge it correctly. I love Rapunzel’s emotional battle over doing what she wants and doing what she’s told. The first musical bit kind of made me think ‘mmmm here we go.’ *eye roll* But it totally suits the movie. And I had to remind myself that it IS a kids movie. The horse and chameleon are my favorites though. And Sophie’s been calling herself ‘the tangled girl’ since we saw it months ago at the movies so I’m a little attached.
  5. Princess Bride. I know there are others newer and shinier but I love this movie! I loved it when I was small and I love it now, I have bought numerous copies of it for my girls over the years because for some reason it always goes missing. True love, a pirate, a giant, attempted murder, weddings and a beautiful girl. Perfect girls movie.
  6. Megamind. Seems to me a lot of animated kids movies are practically about falling in love for loves sake and not for the outward appearances. But this is funny and baby Megamind is so cute. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and is just as loveable as the slightly arrogant Metroman. He’s done a favour for Gothic men with circulation problems. Must be an epidemic of coloured men who cannot find love….sub conscience brain washing perhaps?…Next generation of little girls will be marrying ‘rainbow’ men in the future. Personally I wouldn’t mind if ‘blue’ was the new ‘tan’.
  7. Happy feet and Owls of Ga hoole they were both very good, my kids never got stuck into them however. I’ve classed them in the same boat as in my opinion they came across very similar to me. Similar animation, both birds with ‘disabilities’ on a quest to do something. I loved the music in both and some of the dramatic scenes are awesome. Both made by the same people to I think..?
  8. The Witches. Remember that one? I still think about it all the time. I bought it not long ago off Ebay only I didn’t know anything about the ‘regions’ stuff so the copy I bought wouldn’t play. I really have been desperate to see it again and hopefully get my hands on a copy soon. I know my kids would love it. Secret witches living among us and the only way to tell? Purple eyes and itchy scalps. Creepy and captivating.
  9. Splash! Oh how I love it. Mermaids. What more can I say? My girls love it and I love it. It will never grow old unlike Tom Hanks!
  10. Number ten would have to be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The old and new. Both offer something different. The magical qualities of watching delicious chocolate and candy parade before your eyes on the telly is plain weird. The moment I saw the little egg hatch into a tiny chocolate bird in the new one I wanted to eat a small brown bird! The oompa lumpas in both are worlds apart but both strange yet exciting, and musical? Thats a cute touch. If only Disney land or some other awesome places would feature an entirely edible land.
  11. Ice age- not much to say, its good all round, each one. I just thought it deserved a mention.

I know there are tonnes more out there and I’m sure I will change my favorites a thousand times, But at the moment these are the ones I am liking. I took Violet to see Rio for her 3rd birthday last month and thought it was funny too, but I sat watching the expressions play across Violet’s face more than the movie so I felt I couldn’t judge it accurately. But I am looking forward to it coming out so I can eventually watch the whole lot again from bits I catch here and there and piece together from the continual loop I know it will be one once we buy it. My girls watch one movie a day but I allow a two day grace period for anything new to be played over and over, even when no one is in the room. (that way they get tired of it quicker and I can watch something different ….sometimes.)

I think it is a little sad though that the newer animated movies are becoming so life-like that kids no longer have an interest in the good old cartoon movies like the little mermaid, Aladdin, Dumbo, the jungle book and that the good old loony tunes are considered too violent.

But then again I think its sad that cartoons like pink panther, smurfs and snorkles aren’t around either. I’m going to make sure my girls experience them however, that’s the beauty of YouTube!

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