Following will be the death of us.


Oh my god. Need I say more. The only thing I find funny about it is the amount of people who are out there daily striving to risk their lives just to be ‘a part of the crowd’ and it’s not a ‘funny ha ha’ its a ‘what the hell are you people doing ha ha’.

It is just another fad or trend and people will eventually get over it but how many people must die first?!

How many people are going to get hurt before they realise that maybe, just maybe there are other ways to get a giggle and have some fun? This is simply dangerous. In the beginning not so much, but now that people are getting more and more extreme, the more people are going to get hurt.

Are we really that stupid?

My parents would use the whole ‘would you jump of a bridge if they told you to?’ thing. Personally I would not but obviously some people will do almost anything they are told to even if it could potential disabled them or kill them.

What happen to being an individual, what happened to being a leader rather than a follower, what happened to common sense?!

While at the hospital to get Molly’s immunisation we waited in the Tv room for the all clear with a young man whose face was horribly disfigured. Wrapped in bandages you could still see his eye was red and puffy, his face grazed and he’d lost a tooth. He looked scary and the girls were really worried. He had been drunk and decided to do some planking on his bike. Needless to say it didn’t end well. I just hope he thought it was worth it.

It simply scares me. I know that there will come a time in my girls lives when they will think they need to prove something or do something to be accepted. Take myself for example, the moment I realised I’d be going into high school I stole two of my mum’s cigarettes and hid under our house and bum puffed them both! My thoughts? ‘High school; I MUST know how to do this!” Nothing about math or english crossed my mind just the need to know how to smoke!


But for some reason in my young mind I thought I should do it. So if ever a time came when I had to smoke, I could. I wasn’t peer pressured into it. I pressured myself into it. I don’t regret the decision, because it was mine and mine alone. I made it and I can’t blame anyone else for the outcomes.

This was relatively harmless besides the fact that I ended up a smoker at 14 and it took me an entire 10 years to quit. The damage has been done and I am sure my body will continue to recover for the rest of my life. But the point is I still have my life. Unlike that young man who was ‘planking’ on the 7th story railing only to fall to his death. I just wonder what was going through his mind as he fell. Was it worth it? Such a waste and a pointless idiotic way to go. His family must be in complete shock and simply devastated. He died for the sake of a laugh and to impress his drunken mates.

I just hope that when the day comes and my girls are faced with the option of doing something to be accepted or to walk away, that they choose to make their own decision. Whether it be to do whats being asked or to walk away. I want them to know that decision is entirely theirs. Not the choice of the peer pressure-ers or anyone bar them. And I hope that if they choose to partake that they do not regret it, or that if they decide to walk away that they know they have most likely gained far more respect than from actually doing the activity.

I want them to lead. I want them to be strong enough and confident enough in their own decision-making and I hope they use common sense.

I’d like them to take responsibility for the reactions their actions cause.


To all the families who have lost someone from ‘planking’ or who possibly will lose someone. I just hope that your loss will be a lesson, a wake up call to anyone who’s planning to follow and not a complete waste.

I hope you can find peace.


2 thoughts on “Following will be the death of us.

  1. What you have said is so true Cristie! We can all only hope that our kids make the right decisions – but I think it is so hard sometimes especially if they drink or get amongst a crowd of their peers. I have found being a parent one of the scariest things I have done – especially when the kids are teenagers! You can only hope as you say, that they make wise decisions!

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