Mummy Blogging Exposed. The good, The bad, and The ugly.

Kelle vs Jessica

  • In the red corner we have Kelle Hampton owner and author of the blog ‘enjoying the small things’ Mother of 2 girls current followers 12936.
  • In the blue corner we have Jessica…someone owner and author of the blog ‘the 24 year age gap’ Mother of 1 girl current followers 58.

On Kelle’s side- She’s ‘enjoying the small things’ small things in Kelle’s life include extravagant parties and luxurious holidays, she’ll tell you that any lemon,no matter how bitter can be made into lemonade and she probably has the recipe close at hand too. However if you are an ‘average’ mum with an ‘average’ life you probably won’t find any lemons amongst her ramblings. She’s a perfect mother and wife and she WILL tell you all about it. She is loveable and cutesy and her ‘the sky is so ever blue’ *eyelash flutter* can be hard to resist. She’s great with a camera, but anyone who uses a camera and then edits ALL their pictures knows that it takes some time, time that she cannot possibly be fully focused on her kids. And anyone who reads her blog will know that every step of their day is photographed to the point where any one of her followers from around the world could be place in her house and recognise it. We know her family so well you’d be comfortable enough to give them a welcoming hug!

So why do I like Kelle and her blog?

Because while she is so busy using words and pretty baby pictures to paint her picturesque life all her insecurities are shining through. Her constant need for approval, her need for being accepted and that what she is doing is good enough. She likes having ‘followers’ and literally they are followers in the true sense, not that they just read her blog. Read a few comments to see what I mean, they want to know how to BE her. It is a bit creepy. But I like it because Like Kelle I have insecurities too. I’m just not as overly paranoid about having them exposed, I’m sure people could pin point a few of mine, I just try to keep them in check so as not to burden anyone else. Like Kelle there have been times where I have glossed things over, it’s not hard while ‘mummy blogging’ to leave out a tantrum or two and considering the amount of adoring fans who praise Kelle daily for her efforts I don’t think she’ll be changing anytime soon.

I also like what she has done for Down Syndrome. She has brought a lot of awareness to the cause and gotten a lot of people on board to support the continual work needed in the area of education for Down Syndrome kids. What I don’t like is that her daughter who actually has down syndrome is in a little whirl wind of publicity. Kelle has used her special needs to procure tonnes of sponsors, donations, sympathy, praise and yes more attention. NO not for her daughter for HER! I have known some down syndrome people who have led normal lives, they are some of the kindest, warmest most caring people. But I doubt these people were brought up with a mum who blogs daily about her ‘almond shaped eyes’ and the lack of a ‘normal life’ she will have and about her other daughter being lost in a ‘sea of special needs.’

Kelle at one stage published a post entitled ‘shaken’ it was about a tragic accident. A son of her friend had been killed. And it affected Kelle so badly that it interrupted her life. She had to leave star bucks of all places, and she’d only just ordered her drink! I personally remember this post it was sad. Kelle’s friend must be devasted beyond comprehension. She lost a son, but Kelle squeezed those lemons and made her lemonade once again and in the end realised her life was at least still perfect despite her friends loss.

Kelle may be cute, but she’s just not cluey.

On Jessica’s side- She’s got plenty of lemons and she’s not afraid to throw them at anyone who even mentions the word lemonade. She’s a mum of one and doesn’t really seem to understand the notion of ‘ideal parenting’ I’m not saying she’s a bad mum but she isn’t striving for perfection well at the very least appearance of perfection. She’s her own person with her own mind. I admit I need to read more of her blog as I have only recently stumbled upon it while looking for Kelle’s blog. I found Jessica’s post entitled ‘I hate Kelle Hampton’ by accident and because I actually like Kelle I decided to check it out.

So why do I like Jessica and her blog?

Firstly she had the guts to write a post like that despite only 12936 people having an opposing opinion. She isn’t painting her life perfect, far from it. She admits that she’d like to be back at work and isn’t into crafting of baking or impressing people. I like her bluntness, her bravery when standing her ground, I will admit I think she comes of a bit spiteful and mean but she’s passionate and got her point across very well. I like that she’s being herself. And I can relate to her difficulty at being herself regardless of what people think, its tough!

So Jessica wrote her post entitled ‘I hate Kelle Hampton’ in response to Kelle’s post titled ‘Shaken’ Jessica decided to comment on this post of Kelle’s as she felt passionately about it. She wrote something along the lines of ‘congratulations once again on turning something that has nothing to do with you into being every bit about you…’ Thats the jist of it. You’ll need to read Jessica’s post, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

So me being me, took everything Jessica said to heart. What she thought was a vaild and appropriate comment was deleted almost immediately. Kelle had culled that nasty little lemon before too many of her perfect little followers had a chance to read it and possibly use their own minds to think that just maybe Jessica had a point. And guess what? I am guilty of being a Kelle. I deleted a message that I classed as a lemon. I deleted it while at my strongest and toughest, meaning I was at my weakest and most vulnerable and I just didn’t want to hear it. But Because I don’t want to be a Kelle I am going to include that deleted comment.

It went something like this, like I said I deleted it, but I am sure that Mr/Mrs anonymous will correct me if I am wrong.

You are nice as pie to people’s face and then malicious and manipulative and then act oblivious to it. Treat others as you wish to be treated, or karma will get you.

That is the comment I received from Anon aka anonymous after my post entitled ‘discovering new talents and learning to live with them.’

I don’t want my ‘mummy blog’ to be like Kelle’s, I don’t live the perfect life, and I am not the perfect mother or partner, however I can see how she could have easily become addicted to omitting things like emotions other than happiness and joy residing in her home. I can see the appeal of living in a magical fantasy of baking and crafts and giggling children and it’s not so hard to create that on a blog. I just don’t want to be like her. She is more delusional than me! I can brighten things up and use words to make things ‘pretty’ but reality is grounding,….normal even.

At the same time I don’t want my ‘mummy blog’ to be like Jessica’s, I am not near the end of my rope, I get that I am not only a mum and I have wishes and desires outside of motherhood but I do enjoy it. I like the occasional crafting session and baking is kinda fun.

I don’t want to dramatise the perfection in my life OR dramatise the mundane either.

But I must add that like Kelle, each and every one of us has or will be guilty ofsugar-coating things and have that want to pretty up our lives for the sake of others. And like Jessica we do have unpleasant emotions and qualities. Most of us are a little more balanced. Well would like to think so.

I am hoping I can have a Cristie type ‘mummy blog’ where reality is enough. I’d like to be able to make the decision to have picture perfect days where I can decide to leave out arguments with 9 year olds, hair pulling between 4 and 3 year olds, 1 year olds peeing on my carpet. I’d also like to have days where I can be emotional and not the ideal person, mother or partner. I am as inconsistent as the next person. But I try my hardest and THATS what I want my mummy blog to be about.

A sit down with Kelle, Cristie and Jessica at a round table with a glass placed in the middle would go something like this –

Kelle -‘Oh that cup is soooo pretty *eyelash flutter* and look at that! It is half full!!! *clap clap* I bet it’s ALWAYS like that! *giggle*

Cristie- ‘Hmmm I agree Kelle, it is half full. *temple scratch* but nothing last forever, and it is also in fact half empty.

Jessica- ‘Its a cup. get over it.’ She may or may not add ‘idiots’ to the end of that. I do not assume I know these people wholly and souly from reading their blogs.


So these two ladies are now my new favorite reads. Both at each end of the spectrum.

Diversity! Beautiful!

So to Anon, I hope that unlike Jessica you now feel like you have been heard because yes I heard you loud and clear. I am sorry I deleted your valid opinion and if you feel the need to comment further I won’t delete that either. I don’t want to be a Kelle and be oblivious to the bad, and I don’t want to be like Jessica and not fully appreciate the good. I understand that not everyone will like me and it is ok as confusing as it sometimes can be. I do not pretend to be an angel and I can play the victim very well if I feel the occasion requires it. But if you knew me, which I can only assume you do not due to your decision to remain nameless,you would know  I am fairly upfront when something bothers me. I deleted your comment because I did not agree with it. I still don’t but I cannot get around saying things like ‘each to their own’ and ‘everyone’s opinion matters’ if I don’t actually follow through on it.

So there you go.

So the verdict on mummy blogging???

Kelle has issues. Jessica has issues. Yes, I too, have issues.

Perhaps that’s why we blog about our lives. And perhaps that’s why people like to read about it.

16 thoughts on “Mummy Blogging Exposed. The good, The bad, and The ugly.

  1. I think that if you don’t care for a comment, you should delete it. It’s YOUR blog. It doesn’t make you a Kelle. If people want to express their opinions, they can write their own blogs, yes?

    I usually post all my readers’ comments, except when they are downright nasty or when they editorialize to the point where I just want to say, “Whose name is on the blog? Yours or mine?” Or, if the comment just bores me. It’s my blog. I have Godlike power over my dominion and it feels nice.


    1. Lol thank you! I actually didn’t think about it like that, I am pretty new to the blogging business. It was my very first negative comment and I didn’t handle it well, wasn’t sure if there were ‘rules’ for those kinds of things. I’ll take your advice, my blog, my opinion. my choice. 😀

  2. Not a Kelle Hampton fan at all . She’s completely self absorbed and explots her kids IMO. Jessica is also a huge turn off. She comes across as an angry little bitter brat who married a guy twice her age. She also appears to hate being a mother and after reading her blog one wonders why she ever had a child in the first place. She says repeatedly that she never wants anymore (and complains endlessly.) It’s fortunate she is not having any more because she seems to be a really, really bad mother.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree with you about Jessica, since writing that post I have checked out her blog twice since then and it is a huge turn off! She does seem to have a big chip on her shoulder thats for sure. And Kelle? Well there are always going to be Kelle’s who live in fantasy land. Thanks for your feedback 😀

      1. She is getting as bad as Hampton. Taking pictures of herself in different outfits CONSTANTLY, plastering her kid all over her blog, the very thing she blasted Hampton for, reminding everyone just how young she is and how old everyone else is (Jessica my dear, you too will be an old, washed up hag one day soon), how hard it is to make other adult friends because she feels all mothers who are into their kids are bascially mindless unlike her (no honey, it just may be because you come across as a flaming BITCH) and the best, trying to find a play place and church where she can dump her kid because the mothering thing is all so boring and her own interests are much more important at this time. This woman has become a revolting mess and although I would never put down a child, sorry to say but her kid looks like a monkey, just like the old husband.

      2. hahah I haven’t had a look at her blog for so long as it was drpressing and mean, Think I may have to have a look. Sad that she is stooping so low. 😦

      3. I’m Jessica! Just a comment to the poster who called me a mess- I’ve only posted one picture of an outfit, ever, on the blog and my head was cut off. Perhaps once is one time too many, but it’s hardly constantly! I don’t care if people hate me but come on, that’s a stretch. I don’t expect everyone who reads me to like me, but it’s pretty rich to call someone a revolting mess when you are all too happy to insult the looks of children on the Internet. Adults are fair game, but children? You should be ashamed for that.

      4. Hi Jessica! I agree with what you’ve just said, not fair to say things about kids. The funny thing is that it doesn’t matter who we are or what we do or what we say there is ALWAYS some one who doesn’t like it/us! I LOVE your honesty however, and I don’t think you should change one bit! 😀 Haven’t been over to your blog for months now though…sorry!….May have a catch up read tonight! (The weird thing is that those who call people like you and I ‘revolting messes’ ‘bitchy’ and all the rest, they’re usually our biggest fans! Keep being you because your ‘difference’ to everyone else is what makes you so special. xox Take care Jessica!

  3. Reading Hampton’s blog is like eating 10 pounds of sugar. You just want to vomit, honestly.

    Reading Jessica’s blog is like eating 10 pounds of lemons. Sour and nasty.

    They are two of the most narcissistic moms blogging. It’s all about them in the end it seems.
    The two of them should just stop blogging and focus on actually parenting their kids.

  4. Jumping in here in reply to Jessica who claims she has posted one picture of herself in an outfit with her head cut off. Huh, really? I have read that blog and I recall many pictures of herself in her wedding get up both in a slip for some strange reason as well as many pictures in her actual dress, pictures of her full face after a make over at some cosmetics counter, pictures of herself on the beach in bathsuits, pictures of herself at Halloween after looking like she spent more time on herself than on her child and many others all with her head and face in tact!
    I stopped reading the blog after the Halloween posts because it was getting a bit self absorbed for my taste. No comment on the other opinions of her but she seems to be an outright fibber!

  5. I stopped reading The 24 Year Age Gap months ago. Her husand is disgusting. First of all, what a pervert. This man is in his late 40’s, although he looks about 60, and he hooked up with and knocked up a girl in her early 20’s. I wonder if he dumped the first wife for her. Probably. He also has a young son from the first wife. Great role model! Not! Jessica obviously has “daddy issues” to want to be with this piece of work. I suppose it makes her feel better but I place money on her ass being dumped when she hits 35 and the husband will hook up with another thing in her 20’s. I will laugh my ass off when this happens!

      1. He was her college professor? Gross!

        Jessica posts often under the name Coach Clodhoppers on the Kelle Hampton thread at GOMI message boards. Surprisingly she had another child. I too seem to remember her saying on her old blog that she did not want any more kids and you got the feeling from her writing that she wasn’t too happy even being a mom of one.
        Never liked Kelle or Jessica as they both seemed like really bitchy, bored housewives.

  6. I read Kelle Hampton’s blog once and after three or four pages everything jammed up and melded together into a huge, sticky cloying mess. GLAAARRGGGGHHHH. I vomited up glitter for days.

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