The anti-social network.

Facebook. I love it and I hate it. I began using it when we moved interstate to keep in contact with family and close friends to share photos of my little girls growing up and to see what everyone else has been up to.

I can say it is better than email, because I am slack at returning or writing emails. It is far better than snail mail which takes forever and again, I never reply. No matter how many letters I begin I never end up sending them. Facebook however gives people a view of everything. You check out daily updates, photos, little videos. It is almost like being with that person daily.

Which is the bad part for me.

It is too easy for me to read a status, check out some photos while sitting behind the screen with a coffee and feel like I have ‘caught up’ with that person. Sending a little inbox message is just so simple.

Facebook has not made me any more social, it has made me FEEL more social. Its made me a sticky beak if anything. I know there are people who use me for entertainment purposes too. Just want to check out what I am doing.

But I can’t feel to guilty or bad about it, I mean after all everything I read or see, someone has posted for the public’s eye.

And that’s another aspect too. The ‘public eye’ you expose your pictures and information with, is all up to you, well that’s the idea. Share as much or as little as you want with who you want. But I’ve gotten in trouble numerous times for ‘deleting’ people.

I don’t know if there are any kind of rules for this or not. But the way I see it is, it is my personal information, my personal family snap shots, my life. If I don’t want you to see it that is my decision.

I should be able to have the freedom to decide who sees what and not feel horrible for it. I really don’t want 2 thousand friends on my list when I only talk to a few and the rest just have access to whatever they want.

Some people take being deleted so personally. I have been deleted many times and I am still alive and didn’t think it was so bad. I am not deleting you from existence.

Just my friends list.

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to see you again. Some people I have specifically deleted so that I would make the effort to actually SEE them, face to face. (Well that’s if they don’t hate me after being deleted!)

I also get in trouble for not adding people. If I don’t know you, well I probably won’t add you. At least until I have at least met you face to face a couple of times to pick up your vibes. I’ve added friends or friends before and they don’t even speak to me! I can only assume they have read all my conversations, checked out all my photos but not talk to me? Strange…

‘Friends’ list.

So many times I have declared ‘THATS IT! NO MORE FACEBOOK!’ people take me the wrong way sometimes, they get annoyed at me and so many silly little things have started over a misunderstanding begun on Facebook which could have easily been avoided if it were a face to face situation.

It is not a social network, it is a gossip network.

It is so antisocial.

If I could limit myself to ONLY keeping in contact with my family and friends from back home I would. But that’s the problem with Facebook. And no doubt the part that made Mark Zuckerberg so rich.

It is addictive.

You always go back.

One thought on “The anti-social network.

  1. hahahahahaha well written yager 🙂 hahaha every word of that is 150% true haha 🙂
    Love it and hate it..

    Your right it should be re-named GossipBook 🙂

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