Excuses, excuses!

So this is my excuse for not posting anything on my blog for a few days.

Busy. Fat. Tired. Blergh.

And I LOVE to write, I can find any excuse to write, so it’s obviously been a great excuse.

A REAL excuse.

I’m happy to say there are only 8 sleeps until I get to wake up insanely early -which I will do with a smile on my face- to pile sleepy, grumpy kids into our car in the freezing cold and start our short 16 hour drive all the way home!!!


and then 6 sleeps after arriving home we get married. I’ve got meetings with caterers, photographers, videographers, we still need to find Glen his outfit, fit in a day to shop for the reception accessories and not to mention midwives because 8 sleeps after we arrive is Buddy’s due date!

I do not have a ‘free’ day until the day after our wedding and that’s IF Buddy hangs in there to give me a little break first.

So I figure I’ll either be a mum of five or married by our second weekend home!

One will come before the other.

Or knowing my luck both at once!

Honestly I am not fussed at the moment.

My doctor found that my iron levels are low, not anemic low but low enough for me to feel completely drained and exhausted 24/7 until the iron supplements I’ve been given kick in. The only energy bursts I get is when I have something exciting to do and I MAKE myself put in the effort. Between packing and cleaning and trying to keep kids happy so I have a little time to do the cleaning and the packing, not much excites me.

I flop onto the bed -gently- regularly, so tired I cannot sleep but can easily lay staring at the same spot on the wall for an hour or so, my body refuses to move even if I had an itch that badly needs scratching!

I am just focussing on the excitement of getting in the car that cold, cold morning and knowing we’re heading toward home. 16 hours, meh! Thats nothing…on the way home. On the way back is another story but I am not thinking about that.

First get home.

The wedding still seems like a distant lingering surreal event that has been annoyingly taking up my time trying to organise. I know I’ll be like a giddy school girl once I am home and whip out all the cute dresses and flowers and accessories to show my sister. But right now….meh…..

Buddy?! Well I cannot forget that he’s due soon, very soon, but that too seems like distant shadow in the back of my mind. I’m looking forward to it but it’s still so far.

First get home.

Thats all I can mentally manage at the moment.

Our first week is going to pass in a blur of appointments and meetings and hugs and catching up with family and feeling guilty for not catching up enough and feeling a tired contentedness.

Between organising and planning and just stuff!

Before I know it I’ll be home, married and have a new baby.

Then things might relax.

The days will be calmer, I should feel more energized.

My mind should clear a little.

And I will still have 3 weeks HOME.

To lazily sit around and chat to family, giggle with friends over new things our little ones have learned since we last saw each other, let the girls soak up some lovin’ from the ones they’ve missed and been missed by, to walk on the beach…ooh the ocean I miss you…..actually….large bodies of liquid……I miss you…..Take little shopping trips with my sister, listen to the weird things my mum says over bad coffee, find out all the things my little brother has been up to which may or may not impress me, see my BABY brother and sister…its been so long!

All the people I care about, all the people who care about me.

Its only been 14-15 months since I’ve seen anyone so I am sure we’ll be able to fill in all those days happily and easily.

And being the kind of person I am I know by then I will be ready and happy to get in the car and drive back here again and do it all over again.

The hard part?

Knowing I won’t see anyone I care about for at least 30 months next time around.

But at least by then we should be home for good!

Can’t complain about that!


So that’s my excuse for not blogging. I’m sure I’ll be using it again over the next week too, and sadly, I will not be publishing any posts while back home. 5 weeks! YAY!


I will have a trip, a wedding, a birth AND tonnes of photos to share afterwards.

The memories will be in abundance.

And in sharing them with you, I can relive them long after they’ve been and gone.


Sweet dreams!

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