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So I have big plans for my blog but first write this down!


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So as you know due to my constant carrying on. In a few short days I’ll be on my way home for a nice five-week period. Within the very first week and a half my life will change dramatically. I’ll become a wife and become a mother of five. Both of which are exciting and yet daunting. I welcome the challenge, and yes I think both will be a challenge to me!

I am ‘my own person’ who’s about to become someones wife.

I am a ‘mother of girls’ who’s about to have a son.

Two things I have known about myself for quite sometime are going to change.

I know that once I am on the other side of both of these events I know my life will be far more fulfilled and richer than ever before but on ‘this’ side, I’m looking over ‘there’ thinking ‘oh my.’

Being home means I wont be blogging, actually I think this will be my last post until sometime after the 15th of July which is when we get home, but I’ll need some time to settle in with new baby and unpack.

Such sweet sorrow.

Thinking about my new life on the other side of our trip got me to thinking about how I can share it all with you, thinking about what I can do for me, and how I can be of a benefit to us both. In the beginning I am sure it will be lots of pictures and words, but I want to do MORE. Help MORE, share and inspire MORE, I want to gain MORE from you, what you may decide to share with me and give me in return from your own experiences.

Give and Take.

Blogging is a pretty self-obsessed hobby when you think on it too deeply, as I have, I write about what I do, what I like, what I think, what I feel, what I want to achieve, what I dream. It’s all about me, me, me, just as every blog anyone has is about its respective owner.

But I feel I can give MORE through just being me.

(Thank you to all those messages and comments that have helped me think like this)

Through my experiences in life, love, happiness, sadness, through lessons I’ve been taught by others and mistakes I’ve made all on my own. In this little world of blogging I’ve found it quite easy to be an open book – unlike in the real world – I don’t feel worried or ashamed of who I am and what I think, I know that as there are many who disagree with me, there are just as many, if not more who do agree, who have been where I have been, felt or thought what I have.

I am just hoping through my honesty and freedom to express myself that I may inspire someone else to open up a little too and just be wholly themself. As we know everyone has an opinion and it only matters if you think it does.

Anyway I am off track.

My plan to share more will begin when I get home and get into a routine, a new exciting routine.

My plan is as follows –

(and I want you to be a huge part of it!)

  1. I want to post weekly about my health status. Buddy will be my last baby, at least for the next 15 years! And I would like to get ME back. I know I cannot undo saggy boobs or stretch marks but I know I can lose the excess butt I have gained. I like to hover around the 70 kilo mark so this will be my goal, I think women should be curvy and cuddly yet I’d like to be fitter, more energetic and lighter in general to have a little extra freedom to keep up with my house and kids and just to feel good in general. I’ll post about my progress, or not. I’ll use REAL facts and figures I won’t hide a thing, I’ll even post flabby pictures! I plan to increase on what I already know about calories and healthy eating, whats nutritious for me AND the family, fun ways to involve daily exercise into our whole families life in a fun easy way, I’ll share yummy recipes as food is important to me as is chocolate!!! I’ll share it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, the ups and downs the happiness and tears. I want to invite anyone who wants to join me to feel free, or if not join me then read along and laugh or cry with me. Email me your progress or personal targets, we can work together, help each other out and share.
  2. Number two I think will be my strong point and I am really excited about it. I would like to start a parenting post per week. Since starting my blog I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about my parenting, random people trying to message me via Facebook and sweet comments and stories have been shared. I never thought much about the way I parent before, I just did it. But I have been overwhelmed and touched by people asking questions, looking for advice, giving me comments and feedback, opening up and telling me their own stories and experiences about parenting, pregnancy, birthing and babies. So I thought, I may not be an expert on parenting, but I am an expert on parenting MY children MY way and people seem to like it and want to know more. So I will share. Since finding out I was pregnant with my first on the 3rd of January 2001 I become a diligent student in the art of everything child related. I studied conception, pregnancy, birthing, and beyond. I was determined to prove that ‘teen mum’ did not equate to ‘bad mum.’ Thats a little over 10 years of learning and the key to knowing a lot about something is knowing that you will never know it all. I will never stop learning through my children in practical and theoretical situations, through reading, research, asking questions, listening, watching and now hopefully by sharing, I’ll share with you and I hope that you will feel free to share with me. I know there are mothers out there with a wealth of knowledge that I may need in the years to come, my eldest is nearly 10 after all. (Teen years…yikes!) I feel that so far I have the experience and enough knowledge to be able to give advice and share my own experiences in the hopes of helping others, I feel I’ve had a very diverse parenting experience so far. I have been a teen mum, a single mum, a partnered mum, a working mum, a stay at home mum. I’ve had an array of complications during pregnancy from gall stones, to a low-lying placenta. I’ve had a different birth experience each time, a traumatic first natural birth with pethadine, been induced, had a pre-term baby, water birth, had my waters broken, and had them break on their own, tried out the gas, I’ve had babies with cords wrapped around their throats and others who didn’t want to breathe, I’ve faced bleeding cracked nipples from unsuccessful breastfeeding attempts, I had a baby who didn’t want to feed for two days, I’ve had ups and downs in the breastfeeding department that’s for sure. I’ve even been milked like a cow by a midwife!!! I’ve seen some amazingly strange bowel movements, strange and sometimes beautiful rashes, thrown face first into everything from vomiting to sleep deprivation, colic, fussy babies, lazy babies, temperatures, milk fever, I’ve weaned 4 kids now from breast to bottle to sippy cup to cup, toilet trained 3, lost roughly 2 years of my life dealing with bad teethers, asthma and eczema. Nappy rash and cradle cap, friends and bullies, loosing teeth and even knocked out teeth! I’ve had to deal with the big things like relationship breakdowns and new ones forming I’ve seen the effects of it all. And answered the hard questions on everything from sex to death. I feel I have sound opinions and hands on experience with what I choose to talk about in many topics such as stay at home mum vs working mum, pre-school or not to pre-school, how to involve dads more, how to calm a cranky baby, how to entertain kids and more. If I didn’t, I would not open my mouth. Like I said I do not know it all, but I can confidently say that I know a lot and I want to share it, I just didn’t know until recently that people wanted to know some of the things I know. We learn better when we share and I hope I can help. I parent a little alternatively and ‘freely’ but its working for me and from all your messages and feedback it seems that there are others who are willing to embrace it too, so feel free! LET’S SHARE!!!
  3. I want to have an appreciation day. A post totally focused on all the tiny things that I have been appreciative of during the week, it could be a drawing from one of my girls to a pretty flower in the garden, something nice Glen has said or a yummy new packet pasta I found. Whatever! It’s so easy to focus on all those big people stresses and worries, so I plan to pile up all my tiny positives and snowball them all into one big pile of many positives in a hopes to focus on good. And let all that negativity feel neglected and not as important for just a little while. I want to encourage you to do the same and email or post on Facebook’s Yager Babies all your tiny positives. My plan is through sharing my tiny positives and giving you a smile, you may decide to share your tiny positive which inturn will give me a little smile or giggle; we can snowball all the appreciation further. I make you smile, you make me smile. Share your tiny positives! The smaller and sweeter the better.
  4. And finally I’d like to have a kid friendly post each week. I want this to be something I have done with my girls during the week, possibly a craft activity or something I can share that will hopefully benefit others. Bella was having a heap of trouble with fractions a while back, she just couldn’t get it until one morning as I was reaching the millionth different way of explaining, we used her breakfast cereal, it clicked. She got it. She just had to see it in a way she could grasp it. I’d like to share the different techniques I have used to teach my girls their colours, alphabet, numbers all those little things, or as I said just a fun new activity or craft. Something that will help our kids, yours and mine. I’d love you to share with me the things that have helped your kids learn or creative ways you have taught them something. I want to learn more through you!


So the days that are left over I will call my rant, rave and random days. Pretty self explanatory. I need to be emotional sometimes and I have strange things I like to go on and on and on about. So I need to save space for that, its important to me too. self-expression!

My goal is entirely to share and create a back and forth network were I can learn from you and you can learn from me through sharing.

I want to share with you and I want you to share with me.

So that’s the outlines of my plans and I hope to begin on it as soon as I get a chance to. I am looking forward to it and hopefully you are too. So until then go and ‘like’ Yager Babies on Facebook to keep updated, post questions comments, complaints even, see new pictures and information, don’t forget to write down the new email –


Feel free to fill up my lonely empty inbox with your stories, ideas, dreams and thoughts. Let me know what you want to read about or topics you think would be helpful!

Let’s do it together!

Sharing is caring!

One thought on “yagerbabies@gmail.com ~ A new way of sharing.

  1. Hi Cristie

    Wow! where are you going to get all the time! I think it’s great what you are doing. It is great to share experiences – as you know, situations crop up for all of us that we have no clue about – and it is fantastic to have a forum to try and get some answers! Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see you all!

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