What’s the big deal?

18th June 2011- So I was sitting at the dining table with my girls, my best freind Nai, my sister Nicole, brother Matt and his girlfriend Amanda. I was at the end of the 9 peice dining table, my huge stomach made it hard to reach anything I could barely bend. I couldn’t reach the hot chips and I REALLY wanted some hot chips. I stretched out my arm leaning as far forward as I could, not far enough. ‘Um?!’ I opened and shut my hand gesturing I wanted food. My sister looked at me and slid a whole box full toward me. I don’t think I even said thanks. As soon as we’d eaten I made Matt and Amanda set the table, the way I had shown them. They were going to be dressing the tables at the reception and I wanted it perfect the way I had imagined it. I quizzed them hardcore. And I actually ‘spoke’ that saying ‘I am going to quiz you hardcore.’ They did it beautifully and all I said was ‘that will do.’

Naomi said ‘Your normally really nice but your being really mean.’ while giggling.

And when I look back, yes I was!

I was ‘surpressing’ the fact that I was having some pretty decent contractions and I knew I was compeltly stressed about the wedding which was sheduled for 10am the next morning, I so did not need to be going into labour right now! I got to the point where I was tired and realised I could do no more and went to bed. I couldn’t sleep. Molly was sleeping with me as Glen had left earlier in the afternoon to spend the night before the wedding in Bellingen with his dad, brother and uncle. Molly was not happy to sprawl out on her side of the comfy big bed but wanted to sleep on my face. I must admit my face is quite comfortable.

She finally went to sleep and I began to doze while going over wedding plans and details, next thing I know there is a whole heap of banging and drunk people talking loudly and swearing. I thought it was our door they were banging on but it was our neighbours. Eventually they drifted away when they realised the person wasn’t going to let them in.

19th June 2011- I began to doze again, but my eyes shot open when I got an awfully strong contraction at 1. 30am. It was good enough to hurt my lower back. Good enough for me to make sure I looked at the clock -just in case- In my mind I was thinking, ‘hmm, that was a good one, just go to sleep Cristie.’ Dozing again, I was woken by ANOTHER big aching contraction. I had to breathe through this one, looking at the clock. 1.40am ‘Crap, ten minutes apart! Just go to sleep, go to sleep!’ I couldn’t sleep. ‘I think I’m in labour, no, I’m not! Just sleep!, sleep…..drag it out Cristie. God I hope my water doesn’t break.’

Tightening, tightening, lower back aching……..*GUSH!*


‘Are you serious??????!, SERIOUSLY?! Really?’

This is what I thought as I lay in bed, quite comfortable really except for the warm liquid POURING everywhere!!!

1.50am, hmmm yep, ten minutes apart.

‘Damnit! Damnit to hell.’

I could have gotten married while in labour, I can’t get married with broken waters!


So I wasn’t going to get married today, meaning I wasn’t going to get married for another couple of years. We wanted everyone to be there. Glen’s brother Mark and his wife Fiona and adorable little Lola live in England and were leaving later in the week. Gwenda Glen’s mum was leaving the next day and she was our celebrant!

I went to the bath room and began to run a bath. Everyone was sound asleep. I didn’t want to bother anyone right away, I wanted to let my mind grasp the reality of the work ahead. If anyone wants to say labour and giving birth ISN’T work, well I say you deserve a punch to the face! I VERY quickly decided against a bath, when my contractions decided to increase in intensity and come 6 minutes apart, I turned the taps off with an inch laying in the bottom. I’d taken my mobile to the bathroom with me in case I needed to call someone. I decided to have a shower instead. If I had of gotten in that bath I think I would have ended up text messaging Gwenda who was sleeping downstairs, something like ‘I have a surprise for you! Come upstairs!’ and then whipping out a slimy red newborn. ‘Ta da!’

No bath. I had a shower. Before I did I text Glen, I wrote ‘we aren’t getting married today, but we are having a baby instead!’ I cleaned myself up and called the hospital.

‘My waters have broken, and I’ll be coming in soon.’

‘Oookay, um how far apart are your contractions? Are you in labour?’

‘5 minutes, and yes I am in labour.’

‘Are you sure? You don’t sound too distressed.’

‘Yeah I am sure, this is my fifth. Could you have the bath run? I think this will be a quick one.’

‘Right, I see why your calm, ok we can run the bath for you. When will you arrive?’

‘I’m not sure. My fiance is out in Bellingen, we are actually meant to be getting married today.’

We had a bit of a giggle and chat then I hung up with her. Glen hadn’t got back to me so I figured I should call and wake him. It was now 2.30am. I told him I was in labour. I think he thought I was joking. I suggested that he should come home….soon. But not to panic, not to speed, and that ‘we had time’ In my head I was thinking ‘get here now! drive as fast as fricking possible without getting yourself injured or caught and we don’t have much time at all!!!’

I checked through my hospital bag, glanced sadly at my wedding dress hanging in closet. I checked in on the girls, I was sad for them. They were so excited about the wedding, they desperately wanted to wear their dresses and sparkly shoes, walk down the aisle with their flowers. And instead they’d wake up and mum AND dad are gone, no wedding. Such confusion. I text Nai and asked her if she’d come over in the morning to calm them and make sure they were ok.

I then went downstairs, slowly. With a massive loaf of bread between my thighs. Well thats how it felt. Hmmm you just can’t describe the feeling of having your waters break….well actually let me try. Its like, peeing yourself and having no control. But it’s not like a normal pee. It’s like a massive pee that doesn’t stop! did you know that amniotic fluid actually replenishes itself every 3 hours? Well yep it does.

So I guiltily opened Gwenda’s door and woke her. She asked if there was anything she could do, hmm..give birth for me, cause I’m having bad contractions and it is reminding me that there is still worse to come! ‘Make me a cup of tea?’

Glen’s dad dropped him off at our townhouse about 3am I was so happy, I NEEDED to go to hospital. Contractions getting stronger and I was feeling rude ignoring Gwenda when a contraction came on, I was loosing my place in our conversation!

‘I just need to pooh and vomit and then we can go.’

Nice Glen, nice. The vomit was a stress vomit, I’m not sure about the pooh.

‘Hurry, hurry.’ I thought.

FINALLY we got in the car, I didn’t check the time at this point, I was just glad we were headed to hospital. Just down the road I realised we forgot my camera. ‘Want to go back?’ I thought for about a second, felt the strength of the coming contraction…’oh, nah, its ok.’ (For me NOT to take the camera for the birth of my first son!? I really needed to be at hospital!)

We arrived finally and they checked me in, the bath was only half filled. I was then informed that I was a ‘grand multiple.’ Or in midwife lingo a Grand Multi.

How cool!?
I felt so special. I’ve never been a ‘grand’ anything! But it meant that I was at high risk of haemorrhage. I did not know any of this. I was not allowed to have a waterbirth because of the increased risks.

I panicked inside.

Waterbirth is what I do, this is how I SURVIVE giving birth.

I accepted that it was not allowed, but they gave me a loop-hole. They could not physically stop me from having a waterbirth. I tried staying in the shower thinking I could have him in the shower. I tried sitting on the floor, that sucked so I got up. I leaned on the bath, I squatted, and did other random movements and positions which are totally inappropriate for any other time in your life besides labour. Nothing worked. I told the midwife I was getting in the bath. She was reluctant, but I was doing it. She had to document the fact that I had gone against procedure in case of worst case scenario.

I got in, and I was in heaven. well… you know as close to heaven as you can get when in labour! It wasn’t long before I felt him coming, the midwives came in and Buddy was coming out. I pushed and didn’t stop. He was huge, I was doing it in one go. No need to prolong this experience! I heard the midwives but ignored them. One was saying ‘I knew it, I knew it, what are we going to do?’ referring to the large amount of blood that was filling the bath, the other was trying to talk over her saying ‘Yes I knew she could do it, good girl, maybe you should stop pushing a little?…no, ok you do what you want honey. You know what you’re doing. OH here he is!’


The relief that washed over me the moment he was out was awesome!

And Buddy? Perfect.

I’m overwhelmed now trying to recall how strongly I felt toward him.

My only son.

I love him.

They had to rush me out of the bath due to the loss of blood and hooked me up to an iv. He was weighed, only 8 pound 15 ounce and 56cm! Biggest baby I’ve had and I could tell when giving birth!


We giggled with the midwives, Michelle and Susan about the fact that we were meant to be getting married in 5 hours. All the stress I’d felt the day before had melted away, this was a perfect day, I was happy and nothing could make it better. I felt sad that we’d have to call and message everyone within the next couple of hours to let them know the wedding was off. After a lot of family having to travel here for it I felt a bit bad. But Buddy wasn’t waiting so at least I could blame it on him!

The midwives then suggested we get married in the hospital chapel. At first it was a joke then turned into a ‘why not?’ and then Glen and I were looking at each other going ‘Do you wanna?’ ‘I don’t know, do you wanna?’ ‘ok, why not?’

So the midwives called the people who need to be asked about these things and got permission. They then asked if we’d mind if the newspaper could come, ‘sure why not?’ we laughed.

‘What time?’

‘hmmm one?’ (considering I had previously put in hours of thinking and pondering on a suitable time, I spat out 1pm, I figured we could relocate an entire wedding in that time.)

I was put in the ‘bridal suite’ in the maternity ward, basically I got the room a healthcover patient would get. All to myself……


That will do for the first instalment of this post, (my net book battery is going flat, plus I’m meant to be on my honeymoon tonight!!!!)

I’ll add photo’s on the par two…..The Wedding!

(netbook died during spell check, hence not being published last night!)

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